Letter: Mainstream media shows bias toward Clinton

From: Arnold Krause


This is the first time in my lifetime that I have seen the major media, both print and video, supporting one candidate and doing everything possible to defeat the other. It’s been evident that the mainstream media is another arm of the Democratic Party and White House. The media has spent four-plus hours on Trump’s NBC tape of “locker room talk” 11 years ago to distract the Trump supporters. Yet it has spent zero time covering WikiLeaks’ seventh batch of Clinton’s email dump of around 9,000 that confirms everything she has been accused of doing.

It is evident that Clinton cannot win on her proposed policies, or lack of trust, but must resort to character assassination that may have occurred decades ago. Registered voters are interested in the economy, terrorism, foreign policy, health care, gun policy and immigration, according to surveys. Trump talks about these issues at his rallies, but Clinton prefers to concentrate on character assassination of Trump.

To confirm this, I recommend you read “The Press Buries Hillary Clinton’s Sins”: wsj.com/articles/the-press-buries-hillary-clintons-sins-1476401308.

On top of this the Obama administration, State Department, Justice Department and FBI have all shown favoritism in keeping the Clinton campaign informed about developments in a possible court case.

Voters should be disgusted with politicians promising everything and saying what they think the voters want to hear to get elected and doing nothing after elected, only to continue to line their pockets from lobbyist.

Our country is in the worst shape in my lifetime with a $20 trillion national debt, a failing economy and terrorism on our shores with the Middle East in shambles from a failure of executive office decisions or lack of decisions and a failure of State Department policies.

It’s time the voters become informed and vote for a candidate with real solutions to the country’s problems and puts our citizens and country first, not their own interest or how they can benefit. Truly “Make America Great Again.”