Letter: Nolting’s knowledge makes him best pick

From: Ralph E. Williams

Purdue University

I enthusiastically support Clayton Nolting for coroner of Bartholomew County. I served as Clayton’s adviser for his MS degree program at Purdue University and was head of the forensic science program.

Clayton was a very hard-working and dedicated student at Purdue. He was a superb undergraduate in the forensic science program and showed very effective leadership skills in working with fellow students.

For his master’s degree program, he focused on the effects of gunshot trauma and insect development on corpses. His work has provided very important information in the comparison of bullet and shotgun size wounds in the colonization of insects.

In addition to his work at Purdue, Clayton has served as an instructor at numerous death investigation training activities at the University of Tennessee’s Anthropological Research Center. He has been invited back each year to teach. Those who run the program speak very highly of his teaching techniques and knowledge.

As additional experience, while at Purdue, Clayton has been of tremendous help in actual death investigations that I have been asked to be part of in recovering entomological evidence. He has since successfully become a certified medico-legal death investigator in the state of Indiana.

Clayton Nolting is a very dedicated and knowledgeable person in forensic science and death investigation. Bartholomew County will be very fortunate to have him serve as the county coroner. I support him fully and enthusiastically for this office.