Around Town – October 23

Orchids to …

• Dan Taube for returning my cane, from a disabled person.

• Ramona at Rural King for helping me through a panic attack on Friday.

• Larry Jackman for his praise for the city policeman’s personal warm relationship with people at the Ethnic Expo.

• Lisa Deaton for the well written letter regarding Trump and Hillary and the coming election.

• Lt. Matt Harris, Columbus Police Department, Columbus Fire Department, Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department and the Emergency Operations Center for the offering an eye-opening, educational and exciting glimpse into public safety.

• Lisa Deaton for thinking critically rather than accepting partisan mainstream media spin about the presidential candidates, from Anita Gauck.

• Lisa Deaton for her excellent, objective letter to the editor concerning Donald Trump, from someone who agrees one hundred percent.

• Arnold Krause for a great letter demonstrating media bias against Trump.

• Lisa Deaton for a very true and very well written letter, from Wilma Jordan.

• Carla at Kroger for helping me.

• Mary on Fourth Tower at Columbus Regional Hospital, from a very appreciative patient.

• Lisa Deaton for her wonderful and truthful letter to the editor.

• the Edinburgh paramedics for coming to my rescue after I had fallen two weeks ago, from Florence.

• Lisa Deaton on keeping the public informed on the candidate that will benefit all Americans, Donald Trump.

Happy Birthday to …

• Dakota Turpin, from your family.

• Patti March, from your family and Donna.

• Ashleigh Shaw, from your family and Donna.

• Nicole, from Grandma and Grandpa Duncan.

• Tim Blaney, from Pam, Kenny, Brenda, Cheryl, Keith, Debi, Terry, Deb, Dad and Virgie.

• Sam Nienaber, from Mom, Dad and Holly.

• Karli Jessee on No. 18, from Dad, Mae Mae, PaPa and all your family.

• Makayla Reynolds on No. 9, from Grandma Dorothy.