Letter: Vote Trump to protect U.S. Supreme Court

From: Barbara Jasper


Let me state that Donald Trump was not my first choice. Hillary Clinton is not my choice at all. I do not condone some of the things Trump said, but you can hear terrible language in any of the factories in our town, much of it coming from women. We are not electing a Sunday school teacher; we are electing a president. Following are reasons I believe Trump will be the best choice from the choice we have in this election.

This election is the most important election in our lifetime. The reason is the Supreme Court. Trump will appoint conservative judges who believe in following the Constitution and not rewriting it. If you are a religious person, this is very important. He wants to defend religious freedom. The court has already made decisions against the beliefs of the majority of the country. Clinton will appoint judges who will continue to go against beliefs of religious people. Our country is on its way to becoming another Sodom and Gomorrah.

Trump wants to cut taxes and end job-killing regulations. This will bring more jobs and better income for everyone. Trump wants to change the Affordable Care Act to give people affordable health insurance, which will result in better health care. This will also help bring back jobs. Clinton will try to make our insurance a single payer system. Not good.

Trump wants to help our education system by having school choice. He wants to get rid of Common Core so teachers can teach and not just teach for tests. Put local communities back in charge of schools. Trump will support our police and our military, active duty and veterans.

Trump wants secure borders. This will help stop drugs and criminals coming into our country. Clinton wants open borders. She stated this in a speech for which she was paid thousands of dollars. This is from speeches she does not want to release to the public.

She said in one of these high-paid private speeches she had a private view and a public view. Your views should be the same in public and private. The network media is not covering the WikiLeaks emails that give a different view of Clinton. Watch Fox News.

Clinton lied many times to the FBI and Congress. People have gone to jail for only one lie. She was asked to answer 25 written questions; she could not remember the answers to 21 of the questions. She had time to think about the answers and should have been able to answer them unless she did not want to tell the truth because it would hurt her campaign. A person who can’t remember what she has said and done shouldn’t be president.

Trump believes government should serve the people, not special interests. He also believes in “one people, one God, one flag.” We should be Americans — not hyphenated — and speak English. We should go back to the Judeo-Christian beliefs this country was founded on.

Vote for Trump/Pence.