Around Town – October 31

Orchids to …

• Elsie Hege for sending people Halloween cards.

• Leonard’s Tire Shop in Hope, Indiana, for excellent service from Randy Leonard and Z, from Aunt Shannon.

• the person or persons who bought our breakfast at Hangar 5 on Saturday as it was a wonderful, unexpected start to our day.

• Sharon Scobel and Kenneth Fudge for their spot on letters about the lack of professionalism, from a like minded citizen.

• ET Construction for the great work they did on our sidewalk as well as finding a gas leak on 23rd Street and Home Avenue.

• Russell Poling and Phil Weick for their letters to the editor and their courage in the face of retaliation.

• Kenneth Fudge and Sharon Scobel for their letters to the editor.

• cashier Belisero at the west side Walmart for excellent customer service early Saturday evening.

• Healthy Communities for the art walk on Oct. 29 as it was informative and fun.

• CASA for all the hard work that the volunteers put in to make A Night Of A Thousand Jacks so very fun for both adults and children.

• costumed Star Wars volunteers for making so many people at A Night of A Thousand Jacks smile.

• Doug Clark for the favor, from Mom.

• Morris for being such a kind and helpful neighbor, Benita.

• Sound of North band and pit crew for a great night at state, from proud parents.

• all my friends, children and everyone who made my 91st birthday so special, from Geneva Mullikin.

• Mark Foster for the magazines, from a disabled person

Happy Birthday to …

• Lisa Earnhart, from your family, bowling team and Donna.

• Emily Bagen and John McFarland, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Rob Justus.

• Adam Helton.

• Tim Reinbold, from Martha, Bradlee, Luke, Kelsa, Jessica and Alexia.

• Lindsey Asher, from Dove Ministries.

• Junior, from Sue, Jacob, Tiffany, Donny Idol, Shelby, Roger, Wilma, Terry and family and friends.

• Happy Belated Anniversary to…

• Daniel and Anita Emmert Burton on No. 40, from John Tinkey.

ANOTHER beautiful morning