Letter: Mayor cuts off speaker at council meeting

From: Steve Collins


I attended two of the most recent city council meetings. Both times I tried to address the council but was not allowed to speak by the mayor. He cut me and others off and refused to let us speak.

I’ve lived in this community my whole life except for the time I honorably served as a United States Marine. I deserve more respect than to be censored when trying to voice valid opinions in a civil manner. But it’s an unacceptable low when we are criticized by the mayor for attempting to do so in a prepared written statement. He didn’t even have the guts to allow me and others to respond to him.

Compare this to the mayor’s stony silence when he was asked to hold two city councilmen accountable for their bad behavior.

Frank Jerome frequently makes immature, inexcusable statements in public meetings and on social media. Jerome is an elected official and the current president of the city council. Many of us believe he should be held to a higher standard.

Dascal Bunch recently accepted a diversion program which included a mental health assessment for a criminal charge of public indecency. What really is in question here is Bunch’s judgment. Bunch made a series of decisions that were very poor, created problems for his neighbors and resulted in another blemish for the city of Columbus.

Sadly, this is the same judgment Bunch uses to conduct the business of the city. Many of us believe he should resign.

While members of the public respectfully request some form of accountability for these elected officials, the mayor refuses to speak except to criticize those asking for accountability.

It’s a dark day in Columbus when our elected officials silence and intimidate citizens and act as if they are above the law and basic standards of decency.