Letter: Nation better served by Republican candidate Trump

From: Glenn Ferry


In my first-ever letter to the editor, it’s time for honest dialogue on the choice before us. Still on the fence and tired of the ride? An unchecked “government machine” reaches deeper into our pockets with endless regulations and executive orders against business, energy production, religious freedom and a forced health care system in a death spiral.

WikiLeaks confirmed what most suspected, that the national media are in the pocket of the left-wing establishment. The media propaganda rivals the legislative, executive and judicial branches and is unparalleled in this free republic, giving us pause to trust anything and everything in newsprint and television. The weather and sports scores are our only safe havens.

As we struggle to dissect truth from fiction, extract the meaningful from media smokescreens, we’re at the crucial point in deciding the direction for our nation. For us and our neighbors, if we want a nation where the rule of law applies to everyone, where justice is blind, where we have defined and defendable borders, where we have a guaranteed right to own firearms to protect ourselves, we have a choice to make.

If we value the preciousness of life from the fragile unborn to the elderly, if we seek a nation that provides opportunity for its citizens to prosper without the shackles of big government dependence, a country that continues to be a shining light on the hill representing freedom and liberty — the greatest country on earth — then we have a choice to make.

If we demand a nation with a strong military that protects our freedom and secures our borders, where individuals have inalienable rights granted by our Declaration of Independence, and where our government’s separation of powers and limitations as framed in the Constitution are embraced by the judicial, executive, and legislative branches, then we have a choice to make.

The survivability of our nation, of this republic as it was envisioned and designed, depends on us halting the destructive path of the left-wing Socialist machine. The contrasts between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are clear:

  • One loves America, one loves unlimited power
  • One wants to “Make America Great Again,” one wants to subordinate America to globalization
  • One is a champion for life, one celebrates abortion — including partial birth
  • One demands law and order, one undermines law and order at every opportunity
  • One seeks to unite our citizens, one seeks a path of racial, gender and social division
  • One provides for safety of our citizens first, one will remove the concept of citizenry to cloud the notion of a sovereign nation
  • On a personal basis one is honest and will serve this country, one is the most dishonest, corrupt and habitual liar ever to run for president and seeks only power and personal gain
  • One has built businesses, employed thousands, provided a net gain to our country, the other has only sought power and influence through corruption and lawlessness

We have a choice, and it’s crystal clear: Donald Trump.