Around Town – November 3

Orchids to …

• St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and their eighth-grade project of raking leaves for Town Garden Apartments, from the residents.

• Tristyn Camp at TCC, Verizon and Dish Retail Store on Jonathan Moore Pike for the best service to their customers that I have ever seen.

• Darold and Rita Bass for a wonderful weekend getaway, from the Koons family.

• Randal at Leonard’s Tire in Hope for going above and beyond to help a stressed-out painter at closing time.

• all who worked to make the Asbury United Methodist Church Fall Family Festival such a wonderful evening for everyone, especially to Allison Nordling for all of her efforts.

• Steve Collins for the very well-written and intelligent letter.

• Laura Garrett and the public servants who participated in the Wheelchair for a Day activity for taking time out of your busy days to learn a new perspective.

• Steve and Bruce Gibson of Gibson’s Carpeting for the great job they did on our family room, from Dan and Teetee.

• the lady at Kroger who gave me a $2 coupon off my purchase.

• Marissa and Jennifer for helping to keep us organized at the Turning Point shelter.

• Julie Smith and your friends who came to the shelter and created a wonderful Halloween party, from Turning Point.

• Hoosier Air and Transport, CCA Tools Inc. and Interiors By Nancy for supporting Kappa Kappa Sigma in our walkathon last Saturday.

• the rehab center at Columbus Regional Health for its excellent staff, especially to Jeanne, Melissa and Anne, from Colleen.

• Sharon Krieg for her well-written letter as I could not have said it any better, from Jan Buchanan.

• family, friends and everyone who participated in my surprise birthday party, from Alice.

• the German Township Fire Department, Columbus Regional Hospital and all those who helped Bob Weddle, from Alice Weddle and his family.

• Glenn Ferry for his wonderful letter to the editor, from one who agrees completely.

Onions to …

• the local club whose food isn’t good anymore.

• those who don’t realize I like to drive below the speed limit so people don’t tailgate me for very long.

• basketball coaches who have fourth-grade managers when the league is for fifth- and sixth-graders.

• people that drive like speed limit signs are just a suggestion.

• the community for not equally supporting and having events for all the food pantries.

• whomever moved the log and then drove through our yard.

• people who smoke outside the emergency room door.

Happy Birthday to …

• Julie Fox, from your family, Tonja, Pat and Donna.

• Ella Jean on No. 1, from all the people that love you.

• Evadean Elkins, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Mark I. Burton, from Kennith and Vera Merideth.

• Betty Kiefer, from Pastor Carl and The Outreach.

• Larry Kirk, from Joe, Lisa, Chris, Casey, baby Owen, Emily and Tyler.

• Jamie Lewis.

• William Galbraith.

• Jim Bob Christy.

Happy Birthday to …

• John Gilliland, from friends at the Moravian Church.