Letter: Nolting the experienced, qualified choice for coroner

From: Jay Frederick


When I met Clayton Nolting I figured he would not be with the Bartholomew County Coroner’s Office for long. With a master’s degree in forensic entomology and a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership, Clayton was obviously going places in the world.

I say the “the world” because as a deputy coroner and police officer myself, I knew few had Clayton’s expertise in an important and fast-growing area of forensic science. Forensic entomology gets us closer to a critical element in death investigation that remains elusive to this day – pinpointing time of death. Scientifically narrowing the post-mortem interval – or PMI – can get us closer to the truth, and can make the difference in establishing one’s guilt or innocence in criminal matters. Scientists all over the globe work to further this important research.

When I learned that Clayton is a guest lecturer at the world-renown Forensic Anthropology Center at University of Tennessee, I knew he was not just a student of this science but a leader in it. He visits “The Body Farm” a couple of times each year to train federal, state and local investigators.

In time, I came to understand why such a qualified individual chooses to stay in Bartholomew County, work for Columbus Police Department and offer his knowledge and expertise as our coroner. It’s because Clayton Nolting is very passionate. He is passionate about his job, his education, his family and his home community. That’s who we want as our coroner!

Please join me in electing Clayton Nolting for Bartholomew County coroner.