Letter: Pitman a pragmatic problem solver

From: Lisa McHone


In the next few days I will be voting for Bob Pitman for state representative of District 59. You have probably heard Bob’s name. You may have read about his experience as a Peace Corps English teacher in Niger, or as a house parent at the Indiana State School for the Deaf. You may know him best as the executive director of Mill Race Senior Center for 29 years. Bob is well known in our community and is regarded as a visionary leader, a thoughtful listener and a pragmatic problem solver.

I am fortunate to have enjoyed a friendship with Bob and his wife, Judy, for more than 30 years. Our young families grew up together. Now, several decades later, children are grown, grandchildren have blessed our families and the retirement years are on the horizon.

Bob has been a friend who I hoped would someday run for political office. Through the years, I watched as he demonstrated the ability to build and maintain positive relationships. I listened as we discussed issues that reflected his values of equal opportunities for all people. I was a proud observer as he received the William R. Laws Human Rights Award in 2012. It is apparent to me that many others in our community recognize the substantial contribution Bob has made in Columbus and Bartholomew County.

It is refreshing that someone like Bob would accept the challenge of running for our state Legislature. His collective experiences will serve as a platform to bring common good and common sense to District 59. His passion, energy, desire to serve and knowledge of the issues will make Bob an outstanding state legislator. In a time of great polarization and negativity, it is easy to become discouraged about the political process and the people involved. That said, Bob is the type of individual who makes me feel encouraged and hopeful about the future of our state and our country.

Bob has offered a career of service. He has paused to thoughtfully consider how he will spend his time and energy in the coming years. I am so pleased that he has chosen to continue his commitment to serve by seeking public office. Whether you know Bob personally or not, I hope you will cast your vote for him. You can count on him to represent our district with fairness, integrity and great insight.