Letter: Coroner position natural fit for Rothrock

From: Tracy Hartog


I have known Paula Rothrock for many years. She is a woman on a mission to make Columbus a better place. She has, for years now, served this community in many ways. Her passion has always been to give everyone a voice. She has compassion for those who are struggling.

Through her career at the Columbus Police Department, she became a fixture in the community. As a nurse in the Columbus Regional Hospital Emergency Department, she went above and beyond many times to make sure those who needed assistance most got it.

As her career has blossomed, she found herself a case manager for those in the community who needed help navigating the health care system. Naturally, she became part of VIMCare, to continue to reach out to people who need it the most.

As county coroner, she would make sure those in need of her services are heard. She is a very just and trustworthy person. Being coroner is a natural fit for her. No one would do a finer job.