Letter: Supreme Court most important consideration

From: Don Strietelmeier


There are many imperfect people in the world. Four of them are running for president of the United States.

Two of the candidates must be near perfect since we don’t hear much about them. The other two representing the two major political parties have all kinds of various faults based on news reports, campaign ads and domestic and world events.

For this election especially, many people have thought, “Is this the best we have to offer?” Of all the decent and able people we have in this country, why can’t we have a decent and able person at the top of the ticket?

There are many decent and able people well qualified to serve, but they don’t care to put themselves and their family through such scrutinizing and possible outrageous charges.

This time through the primary process voters chose a career politician and a celebrity.

In making my decision, I will try to overlook the imperfections and base my choice on what each has proposed on how it will affect the future and security of our country.

Perhaps the most important consideration, and one which will determine the direction of our country for decades, would be nominees to the Supreme Court.

Questioned on this, Hillary Clinton answered that she would nominate someone who would in my words “listen to the people for what they want at the time,” or put another way, legislate through the court.

Mr. Trump answered that he would nominate someone committed to upholding the Constitution. Huge difference.

On foreign affairs, Hillary has had years of experience as secretary of state and the violent loss of life and refugee problems are worse than it’s ever been with no clear strategy to defeat ISIS.

Trump has not been a political figure on the world stage, but he says he will bring back respect for the United States, reduce America’s share of protecting countries who have the resources to pay more, and he would secure our borders.

In a speech in Brazil, Clinton said she was for open borders. Questioned on this during the third debate, she answered that she was referring to an electric grid. I see no connection.

Our military has become smaller with much of our weaponry out of date over the past seven years. Clinton makes no sign of changing course. Trump says he will build up our military and take better care of veterans.

On jobs, Mrs. Clinton added 25,000 employees to the state department payroll. Trump created thousands of private-sector jobs.

Lastly, but still just as important, is the significant advantage Trump has with his running mate. Mike Pence provides a strong conservative voice on fiscal and ethical issues and he is well respected in the U.S. House and Senate.