Around Town – November 11

Orchids to …

• Columbus Regional Hospital Emergency Department staff on the second, third and sixth floors and to the Intensive Car Unit staff for their kindness and compassion, from Bill Lovins’ family.

• the staff at Silver Oaks and Hospice for your kindness and compassion, from the family of Bill Lovins.

• Donald Trump and Mike Pence for being elected president and vice president of the great United States of America, from John Tinkey.

• Max Hotz on his retirement after 33 years of service at Structural Machinery Solutions.

• David Hayes and Jeremy Kimball for patching the hole in front of the post office in Hartsville.

• Mark Funderburk at Columbus Advanced Dentistry for helping me out in a time of need in such a short time.

• Applebee’s at Edinburgh for lunch provided to the voting center in German Township, to the person who donated donuts and drinks, and to Robert Drake, Dave Coffman and German Township Volunteer Fire Department for preparing the voting center, from the inspector, Bonnie LaRue.

• Randy Riddle, Caleb Hacker and Dan Edwards of Circle R Mechanical Contractors Inc. for donating your time and parts to repair the furnaces of two local Bartholomew County home owners, from United Way of Bartholomew County.

• Jason at McCord Plumbing, many thanks and much appreciation, from Emily.

• the lady who held my place in line at the polls in Taylorsville when I couldn’t stand so long, from Geneva Davis.

• Matt Tallent and Hope Police and Fire departments for saving my grandson when he overdosed on heroin.

• Kroger, for providing great customer service, from Healthy Communities.

• the happy and helpful Jimmy John’s delivery person Wednesday, from the lady on Sims Drive.

Onions to …

• the small local church that deceives its own members and the community by lying about their practices, working for financial gains of the pastor and staff.

• all the national pollsters.

• teachers who let their personal biases about the outcome of the election upset their students so much that they came home crying.

• people who deliver newspapers who don’t know the difference between a driveway and a roof.

• people who still have election signs in their yards.

• people who get upset over the election when all they have to do is read Revelation.

Happy Birthday to …

• Emma Jenkins, on No. 12, from the whole family.

• Velma Pruitt, from your family and Donna.

• Judy Allman, from your family and Donna.

• Noah Chandler, from your family and Donna.

• Marty Grossman, from Dave and Shireman Brown.

• Riley Jo Wilson

• Drew Hedrick

• Patsy Harris

• Abby Irvine

Belated Wishes to …

• Samuel Smith, from Rebecca.