Jennings County Middle School students got to practice being adults by participating in the Reality Store.

The Reality Store, conducted Nov. 4 at the school, is an annual simulation of adult life complete with a career, family, taxes and unexpected life events.

The students’ careers were based on their grades. Better grades received better occupations. Everything else was based on the incomes their careers brought in.

The Reality Store was organized in a circular loop in the gymnasium. Students began at the career station and obtained their jobs, then went to stations such as transportation, housing, clothing, veterinary services, medical services, banking and unexpected life events.

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After the unexpected life events station, some students inherited money and upgraded their houses or cars. Others won prizes such as Panther Pride sunglasses. The more unfortunate students broke arms or were caught speeding and had to face consequences.

After experiencing the Reality Store, many students were exhausted from constantly calculating finances and running from station to station. Some students I spoke to explained that they have more of an understanding of adult life and how stressful it can be to make ends meet.

Hopefully, this experience will help students make wise decisions in their futures as they become young adults.