Around Town – November 17

Orchids to …

• the City of Columbus for not having Vice President-elect Mike Pence as guest of honor at the Festival of Lights Parade.

• Becky at Work One for the help, from Sherry Waskom.

• all emergency personnel who helped when my husband became ill, from Betty.

• Kathy Dell, Parkside Choir and Parkside students for the wonderful Veterans Day program.

• Southside Elementary School for the Veterans Day program, from a veteran of the Korean War.

• Lacey at CRH preadmission testing for both efficient and friendly service Tuesday, from Barbara.

• the nice man who bought doughnuts for my son and I at the coffee and doughnut place on State Street, from Jan and Rick.

• First Christian Church, Columbus Baptist Church and every other group that delivered meals to the home bound, the homeless and other people on Thanksgiving Day.

Onions to …

• the parent who forced their child to jump out of the car into the middle of 25th Street in front of the school, risking the kid’s life and holding up traffic.

• local pastor who retweets vulgar messages concerning the outcome of the election.

• the mother who put her children’s names on gift lists and then spends the money on herself.

Happy Birthday to …

• Elizabeth Carrigan, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• David Krueger, from your family and Donna.

• Britney Schaffer, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Beth Coffman from Steve, Aaron, Sarah, Laura, Dante and the rest of the family.

• Grandma Beth Coffman, from Ryder, Remington and Coco.

• Connor Hensley, with love from Mami and Papi.

• Patty Glasson, from Aunt Elsie.

• Joshua Miller.

• Monica Johnson.

• Hayden Hill.

• Ellis Dickey.