BCSC Superintendent’s statement on respecting others

TO: All Stakeholders of the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation

RE: Respect, Fairness and Trust for ALL

The results of the recent Presidential election have inspired a myriad of reactions and behaviors within our local community and local schools. In the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation, some of these reactions have included remarks and behaviors that are particularly hurtful to many members of our student body and compromise our efforts to provide a welcoming and diverse learning culture of respect, fairness and trust for all.

Our school system will not tolerate actions that demonstrate a lack of understanding and respect for our differences. Evidence of our commitment to addressing these situations is easily found as our building administrators and staff members have been diligent in their efforts to communicate expectations, provide counsel to those in need, and deliver corrective measures as warranted.

We will continue this diligence to ensure that all students feel safe and secure within the confines of our school buildings. In order to maximize the effectiveness of our actions, we ask that students and families report any concern to the teacher or school administrator closest to the issue so that it can be immediately addressed.

In addition, we request the contributions of all stakeholders in the community in order to most effectively assist with the raw feelings that currently exist. Regardless of our political leanings, it is imperative that we address each other in a civil manner, openly communicate, and actively demonstrate respect and appreciation.

We are thankful for the support and collaborative nature of this community as we work to guarantee an environment that is inclusive and accepting of all people.

Jim Roberts


Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation