Letter: Trump must speak out to unite nation

From: Denny Kubal


The following is a statement I wish President-elect Trump would make:

“My fellow Americans, we have just concluded one of the most contentious, combative presidential campaigns in history. The result was almost an evenly divided electorate with many feeling now their values, safety and basic rights are at risk. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am fully aware of disaffected citizens expressing their frustrations in many ways, some in totally unacceptable manner. The right to protest is guaranteed in our democracy, the right to destroy property and threaten basic freedoms of others is not. I understand the valid concerns of those who protest, but the rule of law must be respected.

“Some of our Muslim, Latino and black citizens have been subjected lately to personal attacks. Some mosques have been vandalized. I deplore these attacks, and my administration will vigorously prosecute all those who seek to deprive our citizens of their constitutional rights.

“I want to assure all Americans including the protesters and those who did not support me, that I hear your voice and I want to address your concerns. Therefore, over the next 60 days I will be meeting the leaders of the Hispanic community, the black community and the Muslim community as well as some of the leaders of the current protests. I know many of you are concerned about your future, and I want the Trump administration to address your concerns. Please let’s work together to support all of our citizens. I sincerely hope you will all help me bring our country together.”

Trump never issued this statement. Is it time he did?