Court news – November 20

Jonathan Charles Stanton, 30, East Mulberry Street, and Tonya Renee Campbell, 43, East Mulberry Street.

Sydney L. Zink, 29, 20th Street, and Michael M. Reed, 29, 20th Street.

Nathaniel Robert Bell, 25, Spring Valley Drive, and Andi Rachelle Thacker, 22, Spring Valley Drive.

Grace Anne Fiske, 25, Wehmeier Street, and Casey Thomas Meyer, 25, Wehmeier Street.

Alicia Gail McCreary, 36, West Baker Hollow Road, and James Brady Monroe, 33, West Baker Hollow Road.

Ethan Tyler Hill, 25, East County Road 600N, and Taletha Michelle Baum, 27, East County Road 600N.

Martin Banuelos Jr., 23, Cottage Avenue, and Ana Gabriela de la Cruz Veronico, 21, Cottage Avenue.

Neeraj Agarwal, 28, Autumn Court, and Kriti Gupta, 26, Autumn Court.

Jasmine House, 31, Hartsville, and Zackary Mires, 35, Hartsville.

Ericka E. Easterling, 20, Anthony Drive, and Cody R. Reichenba, 20, Anthony Drive.

Sonia Isabel Palacios, 48, Joseph Cox Court, and Ulices Miguel Tamariz, 40, Joseph Cox Court.

Todd Benjamin Foster, 48, Taylorsville, and Lori Anne Foster, 42, Taylorsville.

Paul William Neuman Sr., 32, Westport, and Ashley Nicole Pifer, 30, South County Road 400W.

Carroll Devoy Thompson, 73, Clifford, and Jewell Lorine Moore, 71, Clifford.

Justin Allen Schrelick, 22, Clifty Drive, and Sarah Ashleigh Mae Parker, 21, Salzburg Boulevard.

Amy Marie Mason, 27, Hope, and Steven Matthew Smith, 29, East Lee Turner Road.

Donald Ray Hamm, 61, Indiana Avenue, and Tina Marie Stewart, 55, West County Road 500S.

Ricky Wayne Jessie, 61, Nicholas Lane, and Pamela Louise McCarty, 54, Nicholas Lane.

Michael Eric Chapman, 49, Ohio Ridge Road, and Magda Marie Lents, 41, Greenwood.

Jessica Sue Dureya, 34, Hope, and Robert Samuel Poole, 35, Hope.

Scott Anthony Gaskins, 31, Edinburgh, and Jessica Ellen MacDonald, 22, Edinburgh.

Eric Michael Heyob, 40, Taylorsville, and Bradley Alan Jackson, 41, Taylorsville.

Cassandra Kellogg, 33, Hope, and Nathan Sander, 40, Westport.

Nicole Foster, 26, Moriches, New York, and Daniel Brown, 24, Moriches, New York.

Ashley Kristin Lutz, 30, North Brooks Street, and Steven James Wakefield, 33, North Brooks Street.

Kristopher Alan Lobdell, 31, Seneca Court, and Jennifer Michelle Morris, 23, Seneca Court.

Bethany Anne Wirt, 24, Thicket Court, and Patrick Joseph Chatelain, 23, Thicket Court.

Rebecca Lynn Folger, 44, East County Road 300S, and Barry Wade Renner, 58, Chandler Lane.

Darren Yaoshun Ting, 29, Thornybrook Drive, and Peggy Ping Wang, 26, Thornybrook Drive.

Beth Renee Lucas, 22, Charleston Place, and Jeffery Zeno Sharp, 22, Charleston Place.

Christopher Ryan Naylor, 23, South County Road 100W, and Samantha Kelsey Stutzman, 25, South County Road 100W.

Jason Michael Wood, 27, Hunters Run, and Jamie Lynn Froella, Hunters Run.

Lynne Marie Davis, 21, Saylor Drive, and Robert Otto Cartwright, Saylor Drive.

Jordan Curtis Adams, 28, Osceola, and Mollie Joan Cash, 26, Silver Fox Drive.

Joshua Ryan Hendricks, 31, West County Road 950S, and Lindsay Carolyn Ross, 28, West County Road 950S.

Abel Hernandez, 31, Hawpatch Drive, and Julie Aguilar, 29, Hawpatch Drive.

Carson Lewis Sims Fleetwood, 26, Camden Drive, and Mollie Margaret Corbin, 25, Lantern Lane.

Bradley Tyler Copeland, 29, Columbus, Ohio, and Carlson Rose Zeller, 26, Columbus, Ohio.

Robert Alan Johnson Jr., 33, Charleston Place, and Amanda Jo Tibbs, 30, Charleston Place.

Danjae Flores Rosete, 28, Hackensack, New Jersey, and Nataly Joy Williams, 26, Hackensack, New Jersey.

Derick Michael Petrosky, 23, West Jonathan Moore Pike, and Cristy Dawn Dickherber, 41, West Jonathan Moore Pike.

Erika Elizabeth Hefler, 26, Fox Ridge Circle, and Julian Christopher Loveland, 28, Fox Ridge Circle.

Nathaniel Levi Giles, 24, Seymour, and Miranda Paige Roberts, 24, South County Road 725W.

Ben Wang, 29, Middle View Drive, and Yan Yu, 29, Middle View Drive.

Sharon Victoria Lewis, 23, Jewell Street, and Jake Edward Gustafson, 24, Jewell Street.

Shelby Marie Harsh, 24, East County Road 265N, and Kyle Stephen Goddard, 25, East County Road 265N.

Emily Suzanne Fox, 26, Blackstone Square, and David Jacob Ashby, 26, Blackstone Square.

Patrick Jon Barger, 24, Third Street, and Emily Kate Dies, 23, Franklin Street.

Elizabeth Ann Solik, 27, Nugent Boulevard, and Eric Muller Ward Jr., 28, Countryside Lane.

Billy Joe Fletcher III, 22, 22nd Street, and Destini Nicole Smith, 20, 22nd Street.

Heather Ilene Lucas, 39, East Tracy Court, and Jerry Lee Newman, 48, East Tracy Court.

Natasha Miranda Sanders, 31, Elizabethtown, and Joshua Wayne Wyatt, 36, Elizabethtown.

Marc Anthony Anderson, 30, Cleveland Street, and Summer Dawn Sidwell, 20, Pence Street.

Matthew Ray Jackson, 22, Abundance Drive, and Sierra Marie Jean Chaplin, 21, Abundance Drive.

Tylor Lee Andrew Rhoades, 26, Hope, and Kyndra Racquel Humphrey, 22, Hope.

Gamaliel Garcia Nambo, 26, Middle View Drive, and Veronica Graciela Diaz Narvaez, 22, Middle View Drive.

Michael Eric Downs, 44, South Hillview Drive, and Chelly Louise Brown, 41, South Hillview Drive.

Robert Darren Sutton, 33, Lawton Avenue, and Wendy Lyn Cobb, 34, Lawton Avenue.

Zachary Hughes Burbrink, 28, East County Road 50N, and Kendra Lynn Bosecker, 22, East County Road 50N.

Andrea Marie Huston, 33, Pearl Street, and Travis Ray Lichlyter, 32, Madison.

Gina Marie Mattes, 24, North Chesterfield, Virginia, and Jacob Alan Walter, 24, California Street.

Mary Jane Rogers, 26, South National Road, and Jose Del Carmen Guzman Alvarez, 40, South National Road.

Nicholas Cain, 27, North Sheffield Court, and Kayla Dawn McGuire, 24, North Sheffield Court.