Around Town – November 22

Orchids to …

• Gethin Thomas and Candie Clayburn on the second anniversary of Henry Social Club.

• the First Baptist Church of Hartsville for replacing the sidewalk at my home, from Maxine Howard.

• the baker at Kroger for decorating my sunflower birthday cake, as it’s perfect, from Hayley.

• the staff at Keepsake Village for the wonderful Thanksgiving meal for the residents and their families, from a daughter of a resident.

• the lady shopper at Aldi on Thursday who helped an elderly man into the store and stayed with him until I could come get him, and to Aldi for their concern.

• the Villas Apartment staff and residents for the delicious Thanksgiving dinner Friday, from Alice Purtlebaugh.

• Logan and Jan Freck for the planning, cooking and setup for the delightful Thanksgiving pitch-in at Fairlawn Presbyterian Church on Sunday, from Wilma Doup.

• Officer Christophel for helping me with my roadside trouble on County Road 200S.

• Carol Cox for putting others before herself without hesitation, from a grateful parent.

• Bob Freeman for going out of his way to help his community, from a grateful citizen.

• the America and Roby Anderson Community Center for the great Thanksgiving meal Saturday.

• East Columbus Christian Church for the awesome Thanksgiving meal Sunday.

• Flintwood Wesleyan Church for the great Thanksgiving meal on Sunday.

• Evan, Howard, Chris, Tyler, Isaac and Cobin of Frank’s Tree Service for your kindness and very professional work removing my maple tree, from Gayle Easton.

Onions to …

• high school teachers who push their political and religious beliefs on students.

• myself for inaccurately accusing an office of falsifying records.

• those who don’t understand the purpose of the Electoral College system, and those who complain about it only because their candidate did not win the election.

• the columnist who doesn’t understand the Electoral College — as old and as antiquated as the Constitution itself — keeps densely populated places like California and New York from picking the president.

• selfish individuals who are incapable of sitting silently and staying off of their mobile phone during a movie and therefore disrupt other patrons who are trying to enjoy a movie.

• rude people who talked throughout the funeral making it hard to hear the pastor.

• people who take advantage of church meals and then don’t come to a service.

• the pastor who allows two people of the congregation to lock up all the paper products for dinners and only they have the key.

• the man driving a green Jeep on Thursday who pulled out in front of me and gave me an obscene hand sign.

• liberals across the nation who do not know how to lose gracefully.

• the person who complained about the small black dog running loose, as the person should have picked it up or called animal control.

• The Republic for not delivering my paper for two and a half weeks.

• people who can’t accept the fact that the last eight years have been disastrous.

• the insanity running rampant in this country when people want to shelter criminal illegals.

• the people in the eastern subdivision who let their cats outside where it can walk across pool covers and rip them with their claws.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sue Willey, from Carol and Kay.

• Holly Burton, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Marty Bland, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Gary Johnson, from Karen, Kathy, friends and family.

• Jerry Abner, from Brian and Lisa.

• John Helm, from Brown’s Corner Chapel Church.

• Megan Boyd, from Grandma Janet.

• Mark Bolander and Chris Jackson, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Briley Addison Tyree, from Grandma Hege.

• Eddy Thifault, from a couple of old friends.

• Nancy Stivers, from your husband John.

• Allen Ford, from Paulette.

Happy Birthday to …

• Eleanor Deaton.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ryan and Paige Waltz.