Witnesses break window to rescue overdosing driver

Bartholomew County Sheriff deputies arrested a driver who was found unconscious in his vehicle in a gas station parking lot.

Witnesses said Garrett Mack, 25, Greenwood, was passed out in a Ricker’s parking lot at 11940 N. U.S. 31 at about 5:48 a.m. Monday, deputies said.

Witnesses saw Mack in the maroon Trailblazer SUV, slumped over the wheel with the vehicle in drive mode, deputies said.

After numerous attempts to wake Mack, witnesses broke the back window to gain entry, deputies said. As Mack regained consciousness, the witness told police that Mack had a syringe in his left hand.

When Deputies Leah Burton and Brent Worman arrived, witnesses said Mack attempted to move the syringe, although deputies later found it on the ground by Mack’s foot.

After Mack was checked by medical personnel, he was arrested on a preliminary charge of possession or use of a legend drug injection device and taken to the Bartholomew County Jail, deputies said.

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