Letter: Nation must never discard Electoral College system

From: Elizabeth Boyer


As a nation, we have seen a lot of turmoil during this last election and the riots afterward, encouraged by the left and those currently in power. I recall feeling that same anger and sadness in 2008 and 2012, and I also questioned whether our votes were truly counted. Then I did my research and realized how important the Electoral College is to our country.

One opinion that has been thrown out yet again is to discard the Electoral College. Doing this would be one of the worst choices ever for our nation.

The Electoral College is an important system to ensure that all people across the nation are represented, not just big cities and high population areas, because it would be a mob rule if they got rid of it. All people of the nation must be represented equally, and this happens when the Electoral College is used. That is what our founders intended for this country, and they knew that as the country grew that we would need equal representation across the entire nation.

Do we really want our country to turn into a place where we nominate dictators and not presidents? I don’t think so and really neither do you if you’re honest with yourself. Just look what is happening over in Turkey with its “democracy,” and you will realize that a constitutional republic, which is what we have, is really the best course for us and always has been.