Around Town – December 3

Orchids to …

• our Republican leaders for working together to provide tax abatements and federal funding to stop companies from leaving the U.S.

• Holly Karr for a fact-based view, simply and reasonably stated, that many of us share.

• all the Northside students and staff I witnessed being so kind to my special-needs son, from an extremely grateful mom.

• the oncology department at Columbus Regional Hospital, Dr. McMullen, Dr. Cox, their nurses and the technical staff that helped them.

• Holly Karr for her letter to the editor Friday.

• Katy and Roger England for being the best neighbors ever.

• the current city administration for the beautiful, transparent lights on the city Christmas tree this year, from an admiring citizen.

• Columbus Eagles Lodge for awesome and friendly service on Friday.

• Barkes, Weaver & Glick Funeral Home for their beautiful calendars, from John Tinkey.

Onions to …

• the Friday letter writer who obviously does not understand how the Electoral College works.

• the local pastor who has transformed into more of a cult leader, and his followers who choose to remain blind amid the obvious signs.

• people who are so oblivious and self-absorbed they don’t think about their mufflerless cars waking an entire neighborhood at 4:15 in the morning every day.

• the lady in the white SUV who did not stop at the stop sign at River Road and 550N and pulled out in front of cars going both directions and then exceeded the speed limit, all while talking on her phone.

• the shopper who reprimanded my 3-year-old girl for joyously exclaiming, “Happy Holidays, everyone!” and insisted she should be saying “Merry Christmas.”

• the organization that would not allow fresh fruit donated from a local grocery store to be distributed to the less fortunate.

• the Honda on County Road 50N at 10:45 p.m. Wednesday that didn’t stop after they hit my dog.

• the person or persons who stole my handicapped neighbor’s two dogs from their kennels.

Happy Birthday to …

• Toni Ping, from your family, Annette and Donna.

• Rose Bode, from Bob, Jeri, Keith and the rest of your family.

• Mike Morgan from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Betsy Myer from Shirley, Donna, Pauletta and Charlotte.

• Valerie Ruffin, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Owen Myers.

• Alisha Thompson.

• Melanie Flack.

• Melody Wilson, from Brian, all the kids, Mom, Dad and Angie.

• Samantha Hitch, from Mommy and Daddy, Dustten, Mamaw and Papaw Hitch, aunts Betty, Marilyn, Patsy and Penny, uncles Donny, Charlie, Kirt and John, and all the rest of the family and your friends.

Belated Wishes to …

• Jon Hoover

• Noah Miller

• Becca Hunnicutt

• Bryce Joseph Harker

Happy Anniversary to …

• John and Joan Trimpe, from your family and Donna.

• Jim Bob and Wendy Christy, from friends at the Moravian Church.