Letter: Get out and march in support of women

From: Rhonda Fischer


It’s time to stand up and march for women. We elected a leader who derided a woman competitor on how her face looks. He divorced the mother of his children to marry someone 24 years younger than himself and 11 years older than his daughter. Our president-elect defends victimizing and belittling women as long as only men hear about it. And, his wife publicly agrees.

His backup used Hoosiers’ love of God and life as justification to take away women’s legal rights with Indiana’s HEA 1337. He leads efforts to make it difficult, maybe impossible, for a woman to receive any kind of affordable, safe reproductive health care.

Everyday we depend on women’s strength to feed, clothe and educate our children. We see it in our factories, churches, hospitals and boardrooms. It’s our responsibility to ensure our leaders acknowledge and nurture women’s strength.

Because our leaders clearly and consistently respect power, it’s critical for women of all colors, ages and abilities to stand up for our human rights.

Joining the Women’s March on Washington from the Lincoln Memorial to the White House on Jan. 21 is a positive way to make your voice heard. Buses are being organized locally (rallybus.net). Let’s get out of our armchairs and be the future we want to see!