City approves large-vehicle parking ordinance changes

City officials have approved changes to rules concerning abandoned, inoperable and oversized vehicles parked on public property and in public right-of-way.

Columbus City Council signaled its support in a 6-0 vote Tuesday tied to modifications to four ordinances that change language pertaining to vehicles and boats in the right-of-way. Councilwoman Elaine Wagner was absent from the meeting.

The approved changes mean that recreational vehicles, buses, boats and nonmotorized vehicles, including those that are hooked up to a truck, car or other vehicle meant to haul, cannot be parked on any city street, sidewalk, public right-of-way or alley. That applies to areas within the city that are zoned residential, including multi-family areas, according to the ordinance.

However, the ordinance would not apply to boats and RVs being parked on a public street or public right-of-way next to a person’s residence if the parking is intended to prepare for planned trips, vacations or unloading equipment. Parking would not be allowed for more than two consecutive days or more than two days in a seven-day period, according to the ordinance.

Officials previously said the intent of the ordinance changes was to address issues that have a negative effect on traffic and parking in the city.

A late change was included in the amendment, allowing inoperable or unlicensed vehicles to be kept in a carport, garage or other enclosure, made at the request of Councilman Frank Miller.

The changes will take effect immediately.