Around Town – December 10

Thought for the Day

• “A song, a guitar riff, a story line — if it’s out there, it’s there for me to take and twist and turn and make it mine. That’s what art is. The only critic that means anything, the only critic without an agenda, is time.”

• — John Mellencamp Seymour native and musician

Orchids to …

• Columbus Free Methodist Church for an awesome Christmas party Thursday evening.

• Eric and Regina McDonald and James and Helen West for their help and concern for a disabled person.

• Terri Murphy for 46 years of service to Columbus Regional Hospital.

• Flintwood Wesleyan Church’s senior group for an awesome lunch Thursday.

• Schmitt Elementary School girls and boys basketball cheerleaders and the Rockets dance team for a great job.

• Caleb Spencer, Avery Spencer and Greta Brown for making the honor roll at their respective schools.

• Jerry Mihay for making five of five free throws in the Dairy Queen Challenge at the Columbus North girls basketball game.

• the union president for giving the president-elect a much-needed math lesson.

• people that have the strength to voice their opinion against the holiday parade.

• Lee Collier for the photo of the blue jay, Steve Lortz for photo of the bald eagle and The Republic for offering “Take Your Best Shot” for publication.

• Jerry from Kroger for helping me to my car.

• the city of Columbus for the beautiful display of Christmas lights downtown — the best ever.

• Brenda Clark for your countless hours of volunteerism, from a grateful recipient.

• Logan in the photo department at the west side Walmart, for helping us make our Christmas cards, from the Lees.

• Larry at Fisher’s Flower Basket for bringing a grandmother’s vision to life, as Frosty the Snowman danced again.

Onions to …

• the factory that does not enforce the rules that were set.

• those raising money for a couple of nonprofits that already receive a large amount of taxpayer money.

• the city for the classless decorations in downtown.

• city officials for the lack of an official Christmas tree lighting and the unsafe and disorganized parade.

Happy Birthday to …

• Rick Gates, from your family.

• Joyce Howard, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• Kayla Williams, from your family.

• Russell Wilson, from family and friends.

• Lucile Jaggers from your husband Paul.

• Dick Whittington

• Sunny Hull

• Brian Barriger

• Calib Matlock, from Nan and Pap Matlock.

Belated Wishes to …

• Karen Burton from Bill.

ANOTHER beautiful morning