October Birth Records

Jason Alan Boyer and Magdalene Iris Boyer, daughter, Oct. 1.

Robert James Meal and Kelsey Dawn Stephens, son, Oct. 1.

Michael Lee Wilson and Syria Yvonne Huerta, son, Oct. 2.

Aaron James Levi Wright and Kayla Renee Shane, daughter, Oct. 3.

Pablo Francisco Diaz Poueriet and Jenifer Michell Pena De Diaz, son, Oct. 3.

Keith Alan Lucas and Jayde Erin Sammons, son, Oct. 3.

Jon Robert Royer and Katanna Dawn Royer, son, Oct. 3.

Joshua O’Bryan Satterfield and Kristy Lynn Begley, son, Oct. 3.

Christopher Michael Campbell and D.J. Sue Campbell, daughter, Oct. 3.

Ryan Scott Hinton and Crystal Dawn Danford, son, Oct. 3.

Jamie Roseann Lawhon, daughter, Oct. 3.

Jacob Jeffrey Mullins and Taylor Renee Mullins, son, Oct. 4.

Tyler Scott Hartley and Rachel Lane Hartley, daughter, Oct. 4.

Abhijit Abhijit and Yun Yang, son, Oct. 4.

Joshua Isaac Wallace and Jessica Renee Duncan, daughter, Oct. 4.

Wade Alan Campbell and Alexis Michelle Crist, son, Oct. 4.

Matthew Patrick Lynch and Taylor Marie Lang, son, Oct. 4.

Douglas Hayes Brewer and Keyshia Maurie Flynn, son, Oct. 5.

Nathon Christopher Stader and Deena Jane Murray, daughter, Oct. 6.

Chelsie Renee Kessler, daughter, Oct. 6.

Jason Keith Updegraff and Chelsie Renee Kessler, daughter, Oct. 6.

Gerardo Corova Jimenez and Grace Elizabeth Burton, son, Oct. 6.

Adam Benjamin Blair and Jennifer Elizabeth Blair, daughter, Oct. 6.

William Albert Smith and Jessica Ruth Smith, son, Oct. 6.

Brad Ryan Keen and Sarah Jo Keen, daughter, Oct. 6.

Dallas Khristofer Smith and Amanda Lynn Redicker, son, Oct. 7.

Kyle Paul Nading and Ashley Marie Burton, daughter, Oct. 7.

Nicholas Dale Ronning and Kristen Elizabeth Ronning, son, Oct. 7.

Darrin Fitzgerald Turpin and Sacquia Nicole Turpin, daughter,  Oct. 7.

Yinghao Ni and Nan Jin, son, Oct. 9.

Joshua Bradley Cole and Meredith Lynn Cole, son, Oct. 10.

Tyler Preston Kimbrell and Ashley Lynne Kimbrell, son, Oct. 10.

Joshua Wayne Hanson and Stacy Michelle Land, son, Oct. 10.

Oscar Armando Martinez Medina and Daisy Martinez, daughter, Oct. 10.

Dongsheng Huang and Huiling Li, son, Oct. 11.

Kristopher Michael Hodson and Sheila Renae Madden, daughter, Oct. 11.

Rikki Donnell Johnson and Wendy Jo Johnson, daughter, Oct. 11.

David Michael Foster and Janine Nichole Foster, daughter, Oct. 11.

Joel Chow and Zaida Lucero Sanchez, son, Oct. 11.

Gustavo Alonso Ramos Hernandez and Anastacia Sanchez Franco, son, Oct. 11.

Jacob Henry Peacock and Jessica Renee Peacock, daughter, Oct. 11.

Jesse James Jackson and Jessica Lynn Jackson, son, Oct. 12.

Meranda Lee Swim, daughter, Oct. 12.

Johnter Raymer and Stephanie Jo Raymer, son, Oct. 12.

Han Fu and Ziyuan Wang, daughter, Oct. 13.

Pierre Lorenzo Shakespeare and Amanda Lynn Shakespeare, daughter, Oct. 13.

Adam Ross Zimmerman and Melissa Jeanette Zimmerman, daughter, Oct. 13.

Jeffrey Alan Fields and Holly Rachelle Fields, daughter, Oct. 13.

Logan Thomas Lykins and Allison Jo Lykins, daughter, Oct. 14.

Deke Sun and Lingtong Sun, daughter, Oct. 14.

Craig Allen Burton and Brittnee Danielle Squibb, son, Oct. 14.

Jordache Rae Barnes and Jessica Danelle Barnes, son, Oct. 14.

Aaron Matthew Huffman and Kristin Dawn Huffman, son, Oct. 14.

Perry Keaymonda Davis and Paige Alexandria Swim-Simmons, son, Oct. 15.

Jeevan Dhinakar Wupadrusta and Sushuma Palla, son, Oct. 15.

Joshua Ray Elliott and Darian Michaela Jenae Hill, daughter, Oct. 15.

Rose Marie Ebenkamp, son, Oct. 16.

Francis Gene Trunck and Margaret Elizabeth Trunck, daughter, Oct. 16.

Justin Bradley McKinney and Sasha Leann McCleery, daughter, Oct. 17.

William Gemmel Brown and Sarah Jean Brown, son, Oct. 17.

William Tyler Daniel Cain and Jessica Michelle Cain, son, Oct. 17.

Anthony W. Newton and Tia Mari Hall, daughter, Oct. 17.

Dustin Lee James Alderson and Kasey Renee Reedy, daughter, Oct. 18.

Jacob Lee Colvin and Miranda Lynne Burns, son, Oct. 19.

James Edward Chadwick and Josie Sue Chadwick, daughter, Oct. 19.

Benjamin Thomas Hill and Lisa Michelle Hill, daughter, Oct. 21.

Frederick Howard Freers and Lisa Marie Pairitz Freers, daughter, Oct. 21.

Nathan Robert Gourley and Paige Nicole Gourley, daughter, Oct. 21.

Haley Jo Burton, daughter, Oct. 21.

Eric Bailey Phillips and Alexis Marie Campbell, son, Oct. 21.

Charles Joseph Muns and Keisha Lynn Burton, twin daughters, Oct. 21.

Gerard Nigel Neville Almarales and Melissa Sue Almarales, son, Oct. 22.

Kenneth Lee Wilkes and Katherine Marie Ritenour, son, Oct. 22.

Sergio Presenda Garcia and Vina Joy Reyes, daughter, Oct. 22.

Kaileigh Danielle Isaacs, daughter, Oct. 22.

Tao Xu and Xianzhe Wen, son, Oct. 23.

Brittney Kay Thompson, son, Oct. 24.

Corey Lee Mullikin and Sandra Pauline McIntosh, son, Oct. 24.

William Glen Jordan and Sondra Michelle Gates, daughter, Oct. 25.

Dakota Allen Jo Nichols and Daisy Alejandra Mireles, son, Oct. 25.

Duste Alijane Eggers and Talisa Ann Eggers, daughter, Oct. 26.

Tisha Rae Price, daughter, Oct. 26.

Charlene Arnetta Clark, daughter, Oct. 26.

Daniel Alan Kramer and Mandy Adel Kramer, son, Oct. 27.

William Hopkins Crosby and Kelsey Leigh Crosby, son, Oct. 27.

Jonathan Wayne Moran and Kacey Ann Moran, daughter, Oct. 28.

Scott Matthew Essex and Stephanie Meryl Essex, son, Oct. 28.

Shane Christopher Harmon and Amy Denise Harmon, daughter, Oct. 28.

Faron Lee Gibson and Jesseka Sue Gibson, daughter, Oct. 28.

Liam Darren Wildman and Nichole Marie Wildman, daughter, Oct. 28.

Logan David Harrell and Anthea Aubrey McGrew, son, Oct. 29.

Sellus Dewan Rader and Kyleigh Nicole Harris, daughter, Oct. 29.

Devin Andrew Cardinal and Tiffany Rose Ann Burton, son, Oct. 29.

Piyush Sudhir Borole and Mughda Pradipkumar Nehete, son, Oct. 30.

Kyra Suzanne Anderson, son, Oct. 31.

Vamsi Krishna Jandhyala and Sameera Mantravadi, son, Oct. 31.

Chaitanya Deshpande and Bhanu Priya Pemmaraju Venkata, daughter, Oct. 31.

James Stephen Tharp and Jynessa Gail Light, son, Oct. 31.

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