Individuals and organizations that donate to fundraisers are the backbone of the campaigns and are the building blocks of success. Sometimes, though, the extra generosity of a few can help the particular campaign reach greater heights of success.

Elwood Staffing, MainSource Bank and The Haddad Foundation are a few examples in current efforts.

The Haddad Foundation has agreed to match all gifts up to $25,000 in a campaign to raise money for repairs and upgrades of Turning Point Domestic Violence Service’s 25-bed shelter. Columbus-based Turning Point assists victims of domestic violence.

Needed repairs include intricate brickwork to its 88-year-old, two-story building. Interior work is needed to create a welcoming, collaborative and confidential space for clients and staff.

The “Make Our House a Home” campaign has a goal to raise $50,000 by the end of the year, so renovation work can begin early next year when the weather allows.

Elwood Staffing and MainSource Bank are assisting the Grant A Wish program operated by the Heritage Fund _ The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County. The program, which runs through Dec. 19, is intended to help local nonprofit organizations, which provide important assistance and services to local residents and families. The nonprofits submit wish lists, and donations helps meet them.

Elwood Staffing and MainSource have agreed to match donations dollar for dollar, up to $30,000 total. Additionally, Heritage Fund will match up to $500 per individual gift or $1,000 per couple/family/group, with a maximum of $3,000 for each organization.

The generous assistance of these organizations is to be applauded because they are helping worthwhile campaigns do more, while providing an extra incentive for donors because their financial contributions will be multiplied. Ultimately, the community receives a greater benefit in the end, and that is appreciated.