Around Town – December 17

Orchids to …

• the person who sent me the coupons in the mail, from a disabled person.

• Misty Gilham-Shipley, my niece, for going with me for my surgery, bringing me home and staying with me afterward, from Auntie Pam.

• neighbors Tammy and Denver Huff for checking on me and bringing me food after my surgery, from Pam.

• Craig and Sandy for all their help and patience with me last Sunday afternoon.

• Shannan and Whitley Fields for the hot chocolate and gift card, from the crossing guards at Richards Elementary School.

• Walmart’s Nessa for her kindness and patience in the photography department, from a grateful customer.

• Mike Keogh and the Men’s Choir at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church for wonderful music during Mass, and Father Andy and Father Clem for a wonderful celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

• Southside Elementary School for always helping families in need around the holidays, as it’s very much appreciated.

• my neighbor on Cedar Ridge Drive for the wonderful Christmas pastries.

• the new administrator that doesn’t call a two-hour delay every time it’s below 50 and partly cloudy.

• Sherry Grimes, for another great letter refuting leftist clap-trap.

Onions to …

• the former city official taking potshots at that person’s successor.

• the company that did not give any money to the band going to the inauguration parade.

• the restaurant that doesn’t have good heat and you can’t eat for shivering.

• the rude office manager at the dentist’s office.

• the receptionists at the clinic for being rude and unprofessional when I called to get records.

Happy Birthday to …

• Eric Hoene, from Mom and Dad.

• Tony Beach, from old work cronies.

• Cheryl Henry from Aunt Elsie.

• Shannon Dailey.

Belated Wishes to …

• Piper Hinds, on No. 4, from Daddy, Grandma, Great-grandma Hagerty, Krista and Kaylee.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Heather and Josh Pickup from the Netser family.