Around Town – December 21

Orchids to …

• Bud Herndon for his hard work volunteering at the America and Roby Anderson Community Center.

• Columbus East freshmen basketball coach Steve Todd for your hard work and dedication to the boys and for helping them become better young men, from proud parents.

• the staff at Keepsake Village for a wonderful Christmas party for residents and their family members.

• Dr. Sanders and the folks at the surgery center for their awesome, personalized care.

• Richards Elementary PTO and members Ashley Newman, Tracy Nay and Tammy Johannesen for providing and delivering pastries and hot cocoa to each staff member, from the school staff.

• the woman from Trafalgar who took me to my car one day when I was shopping.

• Erik at Columbus Chevrolet for being so nice and patient with the two people you sold the new truck to.

• the person who bought my breakfast at the McDonald’s in Taylorsville on Monday.

• East Columbus Christian Church for the Sunday evening service and play.

• Tom and Judy Murphy for thinking of me during the holiday season, from your brother Bill.

• the bargain store at Orinoco and 17th streets for being well organized and nice.

• Chuck and Virginia Houser for their past years of leadership at Mill Race Center on Tuesday mornings.

• the ingenious and endearing young woman who paid forward and backward at Walmart on Monday.

• the Columbus Area Visitors Center for hosting a wonderful birthday party and taking our group on a marvelous holiday tour of the Miller house.

• the guy at Taylorsville Tire for helping me make sure I had the right tire pressure.

• all the BCSC crossing guards and teachers participating in car-bus duty for braving cold temperatures to keep our children safe.

Onions to …

• people who are too lazy to remove their trash totes from the front of their house after collection day.

• basketball guards who do not pass the ball, causing multiple turnovers and losing games.

• school officials for not having a two-hour delay when bus drivers and student drivers can navigate more easily in the daylight with less traffic.

• the administration that invited only some retirees to the luncheon.

Happy Birthday to …

• Wendy Joslin, from family and friends.

• Dave Shaw, from your family, Jan and Donna.

• Badri, from your co-workers and Donna.

• Charles Whittington, on No. 95, from Mary, Maxine, Dee and Elsie.

• Nora Birkenstock and Andrew Harker from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Cindy Gosney.

• Floyd Ritz.

• Carrie Harris.

• Robert D. Stroup.

• Paul Jaggers, from Kenny.

• David Ray, from Rebecca.

• Kelley Waggoner, from Mom and Pappy.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Steve and Barb Hewitt, from Allyson, Caleb, Holly and Darrin.

• David and Dorothea Bragg.

• Sean and Rebecca Eberhart.

• Joe and Cindy Burney.

• Tim and Tammy Shepherd.

ANOTHER beautiful morning