Around Town – December 23

• Dec. 23

Orchids to …

• Cummins Childcare Development Center staff, students and families for providing Christmas gifts for all the children at Horizon House Homeless Shelter, as well as gifts for the shelter.

• Wes Fudge for making sure a family’s five children in our transitional program have a wonderful Christmas morning, from Horizon House Homeless Shelter.

• Dunn & Associates for sponsoring our evening with Santa at Horizon House Homeless Shelter, ensuring every child had a gift.

• CSA-Lincoln PTO for the continued support of the school staff with the holiday gifts and breakfast this week and to the Starbucks at 2355 W. Jonathan Moore Pike for the donation of coffee.

• the Christmas elves who donated the jewelry and neckties to Hickory Creek nursing home.

• the Salvation Army and IUPUC students and staff for the wonderful Christmas gifts for residents at Hickory Creek nursing home.

• farmers who display beautiful stars on their elevator towers for all the world to enjoy during the Christmas season, from those of us who are uplifted by seeing the shining stars in the darkness.

• the city for changing the downtown banner policy.

• Marvina Horn, for being such a great boss and giving me Christmas Eve off, from Kendra Lucas.

• the lady who paid for our groceries Tuesday afternoon at Aldi’s.

• the East girls basketball team and Pam Donohoe-Duncan for the pie fundraiser for St. Peter’s Christmas dinner. We are so blessed to have people in our community who go above and beyond.

• the wonderful nurse who draws blood at Sandcrest Medical for being a sweetie.

• to all the volunteers who helped at the Thrive Alliance Christmas party.

• the kids and parents at Schmitt Elementary School for your kindness at Christmas, from the crossing guard.

• Gene Glick for our dinner from Bob Evans.

• REMC linemen Mike Murphy and Jeff Schwartzkopf for their prompt service on a cold Sunday afternoon to get our electricity back on, from Connie Radovanovic.

• the two Santas who made a special delivery to a grateful Ninth Street resident Wednesday night.

• the family of Charles B. Whittington who honored him with a party for his 95th birthday Wednesday, to all who attended the occasion, Mayor Jim Lienhoop for presenting him with a special proclamation from the city and Milo Smith who presented him with a happy birthday letter from Gov. Mike Pence.

• the great emergency room service at Columbus Regional Hospital Wednesday morning.

• Paula Winkler for the tranquil and beautiful picture of Hope Town Square during the first snowfall of the season, from your uncle Doug.

• Natalie and Brittany Lewis and Hannah and Kaitlyn Dole and the student council for gift cards and the bag of gifts, from Richards Elementary School crossing guards Herb and Connie.

• Milo Smith for taking time to give us a tour of the Statehouse, from the Texas Hackmans.

• Tim Riggle, the Hope newspaper carrier, for his great service, from Pat May.

• Bob Pitman for his interesting letter in Tuesday’s paper, from Pay May.

• our wonderful neighbor, Rachel, for the delicious homemade goodies, from Mark and Betty.

• Chris at Bay’s Christmas Trees for his honesty in finding and returning my wallet, from Roy Cross.

Onions to …

• people who drive in town with their high beams on.

• the thief who stole my son’s $250 bike from Northside Middle School.

• the pharmacy that takes 15 minutes to answer the phone.

• the group of people who never bring anything to a pitch in but are always the first ones to fill their plates.

• all businesses open Christmas Day, making employees work. 

• those who don’t realize that Christmas is a family holiday and that churches hold a worship service and then allow a family to come together by not having Sunday school.

Happy Birthday to …

• Tanya Hawkins, from Pastor Lewis Burton and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Steve Stulley, from Patsy.

Belated Wishes to …

• Alvin Hazelwood, from Mom and all his brothers and sisters.