Children will have an opportunity to usher in 2017 with a New Year’s Eve celebration at the kidscommons museum Saturday afternoon.

The children’s museum is hosting a party from noon to 3:30 p.m. that will feature different activities each hour. The event for kids has occurred since 2012 and is free with paid admission to the museum.

Throughout the day, kids can create party decorations in the kids-at-art studio and make resolutions for the New Year, said Diane Robbins, community relations and marketing manager at the museum.

“Parents enjoy bringing their kids so they can have a little celebration of their own,” Robbins said. “A lot of kids can’t stay up late. It allows them to celebrate New Year’s Eve during the day.”

Museum educator Jessica Norcross said children who attend will be able to make party craft items made out of recycled items, including toilet paper rolls.

“If they wanted to replicate the craft, it’s really accessible stuff,” Norcross said.

Balloons will also be dropped from the top floor of the kidscommons museum during the event, Norcross said. The science finale at 3:30 p.m. will feature Mentos candy being dropped into Coca-Cola bottles for an explosive-type of effect and will take place outside, she said.

Pre-registration for the event is not required.

New Year's Eve event

Kidscommons is offering a New Year’s Eve celebration from noon to 3:30 p.m. Saturday with paid admission to the museum, which is $7 per person for individuals 18 months and older.

For more information, go online at or call 812-378-3046.

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