Around Town – December 30

Orchids to …

• the secret Santa crew that left a package with a blanket, socks and hot cocoa at my doorstep at Christmas, from Toni Grube.

• Michael and Sandy Lovelace, from a disabled person.

• Tom Romine, for helping us at the last minute, from Garland Brook Cemetery.

• Ronda Byers, for your amazing support.

• the Hege, Whittington and Glasson families for their kindness, from a disabled person.

• Sen. Joe Donnelly for stepping up to the plate to help Columbus with the railroad crossing problem.

• the young man who helped an elderly lady who fell in the parking lot at the Circle K at State Road 7 and U.S. 31.

• the angels I work with at Columbus Gynecology and Adult Medicine and Rau Family Practice because what you did for me is appreciated so much, from Midge.

• Matt Buzzard for the beautiful fruit container he sent me for Christmas, from Louise Greenlee.

• the unknown person who paid for my noon meal Tuesday at Steak ‘n Shake.

• Diana and Ryan Mann for hosting the Christmas dinner for our family and for the beautiful decorations, from your family.

• John Defler for the beautiful Christmas party, from Ruby Johnson.

Onions to …

• city administration for not giving updates on the old iron bridge that was supposed to go somewhere along the People Trail.

• those too young to remember The Republic used to have a Christmas day newspaper.

• the varsity basketball coach who does not ride the bus with his players.

• medical facilities that make you go back to your regular doctor to find out what your problem is.

• the selfish parent who thinks his daughter should take every single shot.

• people who think dogs are humans.

Happy Birthday to …

• Lauren Simmons, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jessica Crull

• Connie Davidson

• Nick Sanders

• Caleb Jenkins, from Grandma Smith, McKenzie, Dad, Tonia, Cameron, Ashlyn, Caison and the rest of the family.

• Linda Baker, from sister-in-law Paulette.

Belated Wishes to …

• Ron Dutcher, from Reggie.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Jim and Nelda Haislup, from Clifford OES.