Quick takes – December 31

Benefits of buying local

Local economies work best when residents support local merchants with their purchases. “A Not So Silent Night” was a Dec. 15 event in downtown Columbus that aimed to promote local stores and their holiday deals.

Based on the brisk sales of last-minute Christmas shoppers who braved temperatures in the teens, the effort was successful.

Kudos to the stores that participated and especially residents who made it a point to buy local in their efforts to support community businesses.

Support appreciated

Some local businesses increased their involvement in the Columbus Firemen’s Cheer Fund charity this year by donating more money. For example, Dorel Juvenile Group increased its donation from $5,000 to $12,000. Also, Kohl’s began giving money as a match for the volunteer hours their employees provided.

That greater assistance is appreciated as donors and volunteers make the 86-year-old charity viable. Volunteers distributed and delivered toys to about 1,200 children on Dec. 10.

People and organizations that support the charity and continue to do so each year — sometimes in an even greater manner — are to be commended for helping brighten Christmas for children from families in need.

Stepping forward

When new Hope Town Manager J.T. Doane realized the local chamber of commerce was not only struggling but looking to disband, he stepped in to rescue and reorganize the business group — renamed the Hope Town Chamber of Commerce — and agreed to serve as its president.

That level of dedication to the town is commendable and appreciated. Doane would have had enough on his plate as he navigated his first year as town manager. Taking over a chamber of commerce that was about to disband is at least like adding a part-time job.

Doane has made a commitment to Hope to help it achieve its goals, including supporting local businesses. His work can go a long way with the help of local residents and businesses.