Court news – January 1

J. Darrion Melton, 22, Sumpter Trail, and Beth Whitis, 21, Flat Rock.

Filberto Ramirez, 52, East 25th Street, and Roxie Elizabeth Griffith, 65, East 25th Street.

Jodie Raychelle Coomer, 41, 31st Street, and Joseph M. Wolter Jr., 41, Elm Street.

Ronald David Sexton, 48, Taylorsville, and Lari Michelle Hutchinson, 41, Taylorsville.

Jaclyn Dorsey, 27, Avon, and Mark Molewyk, 27, Knolltop Drive.

Wisnu Budy Bayu Aji Brastoyudo, 38, River Road, and Sri Wulan, 23, River Road.

Joseph William Bland Beaty, 27, Berkshire Place North, and Jessica Leann Burke, 27, Berkshire Place North.

Daishun Mantel Williams, 23, Wexford Court, and Ashley Lauren Poling, 27, Wexford Court.

Nicole Christine Anderson, 46, Creek Bank Drive, and Larry Dale Mast, 48, Crofton, Kentucky.

Felix Damon Megerle, 45, Orchard Valley Drive, and Sarah Elizabeth Pool, 29, Orchard Valley Drive.

Adam Tyson Schmidt, 29, East Oak Manor, and Victoria Lynn Belford, 23, East Oak Manor.

Sarah Kathleen Clayton, 25, Desoto Way, and Daniel Aaron Walters, 23, Desoto Way.

Jacob Allen Schultz, 26, Clifford, and Kayla Sue Mahoney, 27, Clifford.

Lorinda Jane Morrison, 46, Lincoln Street, and Anna Marie Minton, 43, Lincoln Street.

Brandon Carey Allen, 45, Ironwood Circle, and Karen Lynn Weaver, 46, Ironwood Circle.

Dustin Tyler Dykes, 26, Bunting Lane, and Alyssa Jordon Kinder, 21, Bunting Lane.

Mason Edward Covey, 26, State Road 9 North, and Lakin Ja’net Kelly Davis, 25, State Road 9 North.

Mike Anderson, 66, Bonaventure Drive, and Anne Elizabeth Sanders, 63, Bonaventure Drive.

Jeffrey Lynn Carr, 59, California Street, and Sharon Kay Rhoades, 59, California Street.

Brandon Paul Clark, 32, Longshore Drive, and Anna Maria Tharp, 48, Longshore Drive.

Rong Huang, 29, Chicago, and Qing Hui Wu, 27, North National Road.

William Douglas Brewer, 24, Illinois Avenue, and Jayde Rechell Stephens, 20, Illinois Avenue.

Thomas Tyler Tolbert, 25, Cox Lane, and Megan Elizabeth Farney, 27, Creekside Court.

Odalis Yary Lopez, 22, Tippecanoe Lane, and Misael Marquez, 25, Tippecanoe Lane.

Larry Dean Neal, 67, North Cherry Street, and Anna Lee Young, 68, North Cherry Street.

Sean Adam McNear, 41, Cardinal Court, and Erin Piri Dunn, 37, Cardinal Court.

Lyndsey Marie Bequeret, 18, 15th Street, and Brandon Charles Gilley, 27, Knollwood Drive.

Danielle Marie  Roberts, 19, Taylorsville, and Shannon Kay Richardson, 22, Edinburgh.

Lowell Lawrence Misner, 59, Bloomington, andn Terry Dee Davis, 56, Orchard Creek Drive.

Jesus Antonio Basurto Salvador, 29, Seventh Street, and Elizabeth Gomez, 34, Edinburgh.

Jonathan Gregory Allen, 26, Middle View Drive, and Alisha Renea Whittaker, 27, Middle View Drive.

Edward Christian Granger, 29, South County Road 500W, and Tiffani Marie Hyland, 20, South County Road 500W.

Michael Lynn Walker, 55, Willowbrook Drive, and Dorothy Maria Walker, 34, Willowbrook Drive.

Mark Anthony Williams, 56, Buckingham Drive, and Michele Anne Greathouse, 45, Buckingham Drive.

Matthew Neil Coy, 47, Lucas Way, and Melissa Nicole Smith, South Brooks Street.

Jeremie Heath Dunn, 38, West County Road 450S, and Caroline Ann Shireman, 27, West County Road 450S.

Anand Ramesh Wanjari, 28, Charleston Place, and Aarti Prem Sabnani, 32, Edison, New Jersey.

Jessica Bloom, 27, Middle View Drive, and Nathan Wright, 27, Middleview Drive.

Yadira Rodriguez, 45, Henry Lakes Boulevard, and Karim A. Rivera,24, Henry Lakes Boulevard.

Shawn A. Eder, 46, Rocky Ford Road, and Shannon K. Bowling, 44, Rocky Ford Road.

Olivia Cone, 19, Stonegate Drive, and Cody Soliday, 26, Stonegate Drive.

Angela Michelle Shehan, 38, Boone Drive, and Stephanie Rene Minor, 35, Boone Drive.

Pedro Jose Viteri Pasch, 28, Basswood Drive, and Monika Mihalikova, 24, Letonice, Czech Republic.

Cory Petro, 20, North Lincoln Village Drive, and Kristin Pierce, 19, North Lincoln Village Drive.

James Randall Phegley, 34, West Beck’s Grove Road, and Jessica Ann Poff, 33, West Beck’s Grove Road.

Jeffrey E. Starnes, 40, South Brooks Street, and Guadalupe Garcia-Martinez, 39, South Brooks Street.

Ashley Elizabeth Hall, 27, Franklin Street, and Joshua L. Baker, 29, Franklin Street.

Deolinda de Souze, 51, Sheridan, and Dana Earl Richardson, 54, Smoketree Drive.

Douglas Joe Boston, 56, Indianapolis, and Tamara Sue Fields, 46, Cottage Avenue.

Thomas Irvin Hall, 48, Taylorsville, and Terri Kay Froedge, 53, Taylorsville.

Devesha Lester, 26, Limestone Lane, and Kemar Hibbert, 25, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Johnathon Dale Croslow, 45, Oriole Drive, and Jill M. Mao, 46, Oriole Drive.

Maya Horton Garcia, 18, Poshard Drive, and Christian Daniel Villatoro-Perez, 19, Seymour.

Scott D. Bell, 39, U.S. 31 North, and Desiree M. Rodriguez, 25, U.S. 31 North.

Christopher Lee McFarland, 27, Indiana Court, and Amanda Marie Munoz, 27, Taylorsville.

Patrick Owens, 45, Thresher Court, and Shelly Sluder, 44, Thresher Court.

Sean Karl Deak, 43, North Riverside Drive, and Angela Marie Robinson, 30, North Riverside Drive.

Jaime Burger, 30, Maple Street, and Kimberly Caldwell, 28, Maple Street.

Frankie Dale Cross, 48, Chestnut Street, and Michelle Annette Petro, 37, Hope.

Michael Anthony Williams, 31, Salzburg Boulevard, and Lisa Rena Nunley, 38, Salzburg Boulevard.

Daniel Thomas Hackett, 28, Pearl Street, and Leann Nicole West, 23, Gilmore Street.

Andrew Daulty Douglas, 21, Indiana Avenue, and Alexandra Marie Louder, 20, Greensburg.

Keeton Thomas Mullis, 20, Coldstream Lane, and Ashley Marie Mobley, 20, Nineveh.

Derek Eugene Acra, 56, West County Road 525S, and Cristina Marie Holt, 33, West County Road 525S.

Lamarr Deshawn Ashwood, 24, Riverstone Way, and Rebecca Alison Roberts, 20, Riverstone Way.

Jonathan Troy Monser, ,27, Norway Lane, and Ivonne Anahi Martinez Villagran, 33, Norway Lane.

Christopher Bryan Naylor, 23, Columbus, and Samantha Kelsey Stutzman, 25, Columbus.

Jacob Wayne Gray, 23, Hope Avenue, and Kristina Marie Linville, 21, Hope Avenue.

Ashley Weddle, 24, South County Road 130W, and Levi Curry, 24, South County Road 130W.

Michael Dale Burton Jr., 45, Hinman Street, and Ginger Louise Hernandez, 47, Hinman Street.

Brenda Luz Cid, 35, South National Road, and Robert Valdes Bustos, 57, South National Road.

Evelyn Suzeth Duron-Guerra, 22, Caldwell Place, and Jorge Luis Garcia-Alvarez, 21, Camden Drive.

Samuel Dean Riggleman, 25, Norway Lane, and Tiffany Christine Schlueter, 29, Pevely, Missouri.

John Forrest Erickson, 28, North Street, and Megan Alexandra Forster, 27, North Street.

James Cory Toole, 36, East County Road 800N, and Kristina Michelle Jessie, 28, East County Road 800N.

Jin Shen, 27, Heathrow Drive, and Wan Li, 26, Heathrow Drive.

Guillermo Aguilera, 33, Lakecrest Drive, and Monica A. Galindo, 25, South National Road.

Benjamin Lawrence Wever, 36, Riverside Drive, and Hali Michele Maynard, 23, North Vernon.

Richard Allen Kramer, 60, Leatherback Drive, and Susan Pauline Scott, 46, Sycamore Drive.

David Allen King, 59, Countybrook Street, and Pauline Ruiz Buhagiar, 47, Countybrook Street.

Lee Edward Mills, 47, East Karlsway Drive, and Heather Suzanne Steward, 35, East Karlsway Drive.

Mark S. Bruce, 40, River Road, and Stacie Lynn White, 38, River Road.

Joshua Daniel Bean, 38, Sugar Street, and Jessica Renee Imlay, 42, Sugar Street.

Jeffery Bryan Wilson, 25, Newton Street, and Karina Ann McNeil,29, Newton Street.

Zachary David Miller,32, Nicholas Lane, and Jerrika  Diann Dyer, 30, Nicholas Lane.

Caleb Ray Hicks, 33, Cottage Avenue, and Jessica Cannon, 30, Cottage Avenue.

Timothy G. Shaw, 59, Sycamore Drive, and Sandra Sue Williamson, 59, Sycamore Drive.

Brandon Lee Norman, 29, South County Road 300W, and Morgan Elizabeth Keeling, 23, South County Road 300W.

Gary Phillip Schroeder, 54, Peach Court, and Rhonda Sue Ollestad, 56, Peach Court.

Jordan Dartagnan Gray, 21, Newton Street, and Kieffer Victoria Garcia,22, Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico.