Around Town – January 5

Orchids to …

• the Speer family for the Christmas gift, from a disabled person.

• Bartholomew County Sheriff Matthew Myers for his concern of my well being, from John Tinkey.

• SAK Automotive for outstanding and professional service above and beyond.

• my doctor for joining St. Francis Hospital.

• Eugene Rudicel for the calendars.

• Joe Kinderman for all the loving care you have given me since my foot surgery, from Ann.

• Brenda Clark for portraying Santa Claus at the Parkside Retirement Center the Friday before Christmas, from a grateful resident.

Onions to …

• those who don’t realize the newspaper doesn’t have room to recognize every possible trophy that is handed out in this trophy-for-everyone society.

• people who don’t understand people are upset with businesses being closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday for a one-day holiday.

• those who do not know the governmental unit rules on what geographical area a department head or employee may live in.

• residents who are not happy that a local band is participating in an inauguration, especially since the band is paying part of the total cost.

• the person who speeds down Central Avenue every morning.

• the Realtor who showed our house Monday and left lights on and muddy footprints all over the wood floor.

• people who cannot accept the election outcome and don’t remember “United we stand, divided we fall.”

• the utility company that charged a late fee when the check and postmark were dated two weeks before the due date.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jacob Smith, from your family and Donna.

• Joshua Kelly, from your family and Donna.

• Esther Hedrick, from Charlotte, Oanh, Edith, Sachi and all your friends at St. Bartholomew Catholic parish.

• Becky Hoang Greathouse, from your twin Retha, Janice, Vera, Ron, Larry, Teresa, Jan, Dylan, Christina, Jimmy, Monica and the rest of your family!

• my twin Retha Greathouse, from Becky Hoang, Vera, Ron, Larry, Becky, Janice, Dylan and the rest of the family.

• James Racanelli.

• Luke Racanelli.

• Kathy Robertson.

• Jeremy Farmer.

• Rob Archer.

• Amy Brody Wisdom.

• Kathy Rey, from Mom, Kim, Mark, Karen and George.

• Ruby Penrose on No. 90, with love from Greg, Kathy, Will, Garrett, Emily and Maci.

• Kristina Racanelli, from your daughters of Isabella Sisters.

• Kris Jones, from Mom, Dad and Jace.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Larry and Patty Thayer.

• Dave and Cindy Baden, from friends at the Moravian Church.