Around Town – January 6

Orchids to …

• Bob Poynter, Danny, Andy and all for the awesome job they did on my wheels and the awesome service, from Ann Bert.

• the cashiers at Chick-fil-A who paid for my lunch when I couldn’t find my credit card to pay for it myself.

• Abby at Rural King for the great service.

• the kind lady who gave me coupons for the water that was on sale at Marsh on Saturday night.

• the caring staff on 5 Tower at Columbus Regional Hospital for the excellent care I received after my hip surgery, from Florence Brown.

• Jack Greene for taking Tom to the emergency room Friday night.

Onions to …

• the person who fails to acknowledge that the inauguration is only controversial to those who voted for another candidate.

• pedestrians who walk out into oncoming traffic before the way is safe and clear.

• the local business that has a huge flag pole out front but no flag.

• cars that almost hit a pedestrian who had the right of way, then honked because they were in a hurry.

• the factory spotters that have no taillights on tractors they pull.

• people complaining about the local band going to Washington to play in the inaugural parade instead of feeling proud that our city has a band good enough to go there.

• Indiana politicians who want to raise taxes on gasoline to work on roads when they said the lottery was supposed to take care of roads and keep teachers working.

• the person in the Jeep traveling east Thursday morning flashing his lights trying to get me to go faster when the roads were slick and unsafe instead of just driving according to road conditions.

• the newspaper for publishing too much out-of-town business news.

Happy Birthday to …

• Alexis Riley, on No. 10, from Mom and Dad

• Terry Johnson, from your family.

• James Risley, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Vance Hege, from your mother.

• Anita Turner, from Elsie.

• Rob Caldwell.

• Xavier Drysdale on No. 6, from Dad, Mom, Kambry, Pappaw, Mammaw and all your family.