The female driver of a passenger vehicle, whose vehicle was propped up against a telephone pole after colliding with a pickup truck, was hospitalized following an accident near the intersection of Washington Street and North National Road.

The crash occurred at 8:33 a.m. Sunday, said Lt. Matt Harris, spokesman for the Columbus Police Department.

Force of the collision sent the car up the telephone pole adjacent to Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping, 3230 N. National Road.

Roz Branom, a cashier at the Village Pantry Convenience Store, 3184 Washington St., was at work when the accident happened just across the street.

“We heard it, and I was about to come out of the office to say, ‘What was that noise?’,” Branom said. “Just as I’m stepping out, this lady comes in and says, ‘Dial 911.'”

Branom then glanced across the street and saw the vehicle up the pole.

The driver of the passenger car was lowered on a board after Columbus Fire Department personnel secured the vehicle, Branom said.

The woman, whose name was not immediately available, was unconscious when police officers arrived, Harris said.

A medical helicopter transport was initially requested, then canceled, and the woman was transported to Columbus Regional Hospital by ambulance, Harris said.

The driver of the pickup truck — whose name also was not immediately available — came out of his vehicle to check on condition of the other driver, Branom said.