Allen named December winner in NextGen program

Tyshaun D. Allen is the December winner in a new leadership program sponsored by the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce and the Columbus Young Professionals group. One young professional from the Columbus community is chosen each month in the areas of life, community and work as someone who exemplifies leadership skills. Allen was nominated in the “life” category. The Republic is introducing the winners each month through this column.

Name: Tyshaun D. Allen

Age: 32

City of residence: Greenwood

Family: Felicia Allen, mother, and Timmy Allen, brother

Education: Graduated from Columbus East High School in 2002 and from Ivy Tech Community College with a degree in computer information technology in 2010; pursuing a Bachelor of Science in business with a concentration in management, with an expected graduation date of fall, 2018.

Your job: I am currently a systems analyst responsible for implementing and maintaining technology and software for the organization, also helping assist with business development and marketing for Taylor Bros. in Columbus.

How many years have you lived in Columbus?: My family moved to Columbus in 2000 and resided there for nine years before I moved to Indianapolis.

What are your activities and interests in Columbus?: I have always enjoyed participating in sports activities in Columbus, including community basketball at the Foundation For Youth or Tipton Lakes. Over the last few years I’ve also enjoyed the Mill Race Marathon and Ethnic Expo.

What types of volunteer activities are you involved in? I currently volunteer with the CAMEO and the Columbus Enrichment program. I believe it’s important to be involved in community building programs that offer residents a network of supportive services. Both organizations have a strong presence in the community providing a diversity of resource programs, I am privileged to have an opportunity to be a part of both programs.

Give us some examples of ways you lead in the Columbus community through your work and activities: I engage with the community and perform outreach to inform residents of resources and cultural programs available to them. I support all technology systems and maintain the back-end of the Columbus Enrichment program which is vital to their public outreach, communications and administrative functions. I enjoy playing a supportive role in a program that offers our youth supplementary educational and mentoring programs that will serve as building tools for their future. I would hope that through my commitment to volunteerism with both organizations it will inspire my peer group and others to offer their time and service to the community as well-human resource is our greatest asset.

If you could change Columbus in any way, what would that change be?: Columbus has such a diverse population and could really set a great example for multi-cultural diversity through implementing integrative programs across the community.

What do you think shouldn’t change about Columbus, and why?: Columbus has a very active and engaging community of residents, the local events and activities should definitely continue to be a part of what brings neighbors together.

When you talk about Columbus to those who don’t live here, how do you describe it?: Columbus is a small town so there’s a close intimate feeling amongst neighbors that you don’t get in big cities. Columbus is welcoming to new residents, it doesn’t take long to get comfortable and adjust to living in here.

If someone asked you what they could do to help the community of Columbus, what would you advise them to do?: Reach out to local organizations such as CAMEO, Heritage Fund, Engage Columbus and CYP — they are always willing to recruit volunteers as there is a need for varying types of services and skills that can benefit these programs that serve Columbus residents.