Around Town – January 10

Orchids to …

• citizens who know that what makes America great is our reverence for the rule of law, our participation and responsibility, and our desire to help others and establish peace.

• all of the volunteers Saturday who made the FFY Princess Ball a success, as you made it possible for more than 300 princesses to have a magical night, from FFY.

• all the children, youth and their leaders at the Petersville United Methodist Church on Sunday morning for the outstanding and meaningful performances celebrating the birth of Christ, from Don and Patsy Harris.

• Angie, Frank and the entire service department at Bob Poynter Dodge who, on very short notice, squeezed us into their busy service schedule to repair the steering of our van so we could return home to New York the next day.

• Clint Wiley for taking me home from the hospital after my stay, from Al.

Onions to …

• people complaining about salting of roads when we did get ice.

• people that need to see their name in the newspaper yet again.

• those who blame the president for the cost of insurance when it’s really other reasons that are to blame.

• the person texting and driving in the gray car who almost rear-ended me Saturday on State Street.

• the people who left glass and debris in the curbs and on the sidewalk at National Road and Washington Street after an accident Sunday, allowing glass to be embedded in my wheelchair tires.

• the man who blocked me with his truck and cursed at me because I didn’t put the grocery cart back Friday at the west-side retailer.

• people who still haven’t figured out the electoral college prevents two or three states with the densest populations from choosing the president each and every election.

• The Republic for the paper that won’t stay uncurled long enough to read it.

• the man that was disrespectful in church by wearing his hat through the whole service and communion.

• the newspaper for publishing comments making readers think that a fatal motorcycle crash was entirely the police officer’s fault.

Happy Birthday to …

• Dana Vogt, from your family and Donna.

• Keigan Garrison.

• Tim Lee.

• Makayla Maddy.

• Chad Crull.

• Marie Hill.

• Caleb Hoover.

• Jay Fletcher.

• Jess Goldman, from Brown’s Corner Chapel Church.