Around Town – January 11

Orchids to …

• Jacque Douglas for providing fantastic treats for the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center Board Meeting, from your fellow board members.

• CRH nurses in IV therapy and the Cancer Center for being so kind to the 101-year-old patient, from the McClure family.

• the man who loaded my bird seed and cat food into my car Saturday at Rural King.

• the valets at CRH for being so very helpful to so many people, from Pat.

• Dr. Rose and staff and Silver Oaks Health Campus, Columbus Regional Hospital’s second and third floors, and Our Hospice of South Central Indiana for all the love and care, from Chanie’s daughters.

• the kind gentleman at Marsh in the green Dodge van who helped me get my car started Tuesday.

Onions to …

• the business for trampling our right of private property.

• drivers who don’t leave enough distance in front of them to allow for poor weather conditions.

• the coach who continually keeps the starters in even though the team is up by more than 20 points.

• The Republic for not putting the Big 10 Basketball standings in the paper enough.

• The Republic because the newspaper won’t lay flat.

• drivers waiting to turn left from McClure Road onto National who do not pull up far enough to allow drivers to drive past them.

Happy Birthday to …

• Bob May on No. 90, from John Tinkey.

• Chris Wheeler, Danny Burton and Joe Perdue, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Leeann Stewart.

• Aaron Thayer.

• Luke and William Toross, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Bob May, from Elsie and Mary.

• Stephanie Thayer.

• Joshua Adams.

• Dorothea Bragg.

• Scott Drysdale, from Debbie, Leah, Adam, Claire, Noah, Greg, Dani, Xavier, Kambry, Dad, Mom, Mammaw, Pappaw and the rest of your family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Gary and Mary Morrow on No. 42, with love from Michael and Daniel.

Happy belated Anniversary to …

• Sheila and Kenny Wadsworth, from Dove Ministries.