Court news – January 15

This is a report of cases filed in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

Micki and Wayne Fulp, Columbus, vs. Cateena M. Smith and John A. Coffman, South National Road, $800 and eviction.Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Ashley Burton and Samantha Whittington, 28th Street, $1,121.33 and eviction.

Susan E. Baldwin, Elizabethtown, vs. Chad Houchens, Hope, $6,000.

Cambridge Square Apartments vs. Ericka Craig, Cambridge Court, $50 and eviction.

Professional Concrete Cutting & Drilling, Hope, vs. JCB Concrete-Jeff Dold, Lee Court, $2,311.68.

Gracie Cole, 17th Street, vs. Stacy Hardy, Seventh Street, damages and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Matt Burke, Seymour, $2,731.27; Diana Dement, Edinburgh, $1,608.89; Christopher W. Ent, Seymour, $1,729.72; Stacy R. Allman, Elizabethtown, $2,572.14; Tonya R. Baxter, South Lincoln Village Drive, $4,175.42; Judy K. Biedenkopf, Deer Court, $2,833.39; Jennifer D. Blake, Taylorsville, $2,445.02; and Ronald P. Bulthuis, North Cherry Street, $1,894.65.

Homestead Mobile Home Park vs. Kathy Cox and Troy and Marina Miller, Hawpatch Drive, $574 and eviction.

Shadow Creek Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Donald Mellencamp, Meadow Bend Drive, $2,145.43.

Peters Plumbing & Air Conditioning Inc. vs. Bruce Dailey, Gilmore Street, $447.23.

Andy Ogle, doing business as Franklin Rentals, vs. Brandon Hendrix and Carrie Whitted Hendrix, Streamside Drive, $5,332.

CAH Properties, Nineveh, vs. Leanna Shipley, Sycamore Street, $5,500 and eviction.

Steven M. Swaim vs. Kristan Joy Guijarro, Clifty Drive, complaint for eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Ryan E. Faber, Shady Lane, $3,687.12; Mary A. Frederick, West Mission Court, $1,490.43; Michael Grady, Seymour, $2,004.33; Scott A. Grudowski, Franklin, $2,929.73; Michelle R. Hammack, Freetown, $2,871.95; and Kira N. Hoskins, Morgantown, $4,360.33.

Allied Collection Service vs. Laura R. Bryant, Edinburgh, $2,778.91; Weldon W. Cosby, Clifty Drive, $2,317.17; Susan Goins, East Coffey Drive, $1,975.64; Alex Hickam, Mount Vernon, $4,899.67; Stacy B. Kelly, Nashville, $1,179; Dwayne L. Meier, Knollwood Drive, $1,167.28; Elisabeth A. Nelson, 25th Street, $1,440.73; Thomas L. Hines, Crothersville, $2,725.63; Ricky Johnson, West Lowell Road, $4,620.06; and Sheryl L. Mumma, Glendale Drive, $3,669.82.

Southwestern Bartholomew Water Corp. vs. Bill and Merri Fox, doing business as B&M Fox Investments, West Georgetown Road, $496.10.

Mariner Finance vs. Marcela Batista, West Autumn Lane, $1,343.99.

Jose Juarez vs. Jorge and Rebecca Martinez, 25th Street, $2,500.

Dean A. George, Elizabethtown, vs. Tony Wilson, doing business as Wilson Home Repairs, Hope, $2,336.

Lincoln Village Cooperative vs. Ebony Pennybaker, North Lincoln Village Drive, $432 and eviction.

Southwestern Bartholomew Water Corp. vs. Anthony Smith, West Georgetown Road, $285.73.

Joli Rentals vs. Jennifer Crowe and Justin Burton, Pearl Street, complaint for damages and eviction.

JC Candlelight Homes and/or Candlelight Village vs. Sarah and Jess Alpha, Camden Drive, $366, $424 and eviction; Tanner Kleinhenz and Jamie McCormick, Lamplight Drive, $400.26 and eviction; David and Amy Jones, Lamplight Drive, $316.56, $414 and eviction; and James and Tiffany Peace and Jerri Turney, complaint for damages and eviction.

Fox Pointe Apartments vs. Teresa Winters, Fox Trail Lane, $525 and eviction.

Kent Wagner/Wagner Rentals, vs. Brian Cecil, Third Street, $3,950 and eviction.

Grayson Management vs. Cathy Hall, 22nd Street, $870 and eviction.

Tom’s Commercials LLC vs. Allen Bontrager, Indiana Avenue, $1,500 and eviction; and Eric Emery and Rebecca Booth, Columbus, $1,500.

DW3 Aaron’s vs. Beth Lynn Reed, Indiana Avenue, $1,500; Keane Davis, North Marr Road, $1,500; Kimberly Browder, North Vernon, $1,500; and David Griggs, Edinburgh, $1,500.

Timothy and Deanna Wenzler, Westminster Place, vs. Morris Construction and/or Dexter Morris, Whiteland, $8,300.

IMC Credit Services vs. Amelia A. and Matt Sherman, Nineveh, $1,879.42; Erika C. Smith, Shadow Creek Boulevard, $1,347.83; Rickie L. Ozbun, Joseph Cox Court, $3,716.25; Brenda K. Perry, West County Road 50N, $1,147.40; Miles M. Piercefield, East Gore Street, $2,467.33; Ashley N. Pifer, South County Road 400W, $1,197.66; LaDonna R. Rollins, Dawson Street, $1,443.17; and Rachel M. Shipley, Lawton Avenue, $2,989.12.

Quail Run Apartments vs. Kelly Zeigler, Erin Drive, complaint for damages and eviction; and Brent Adams and Alaysia Coultier, Erin Drive, complaint for damages and eviction.

Shadow Creek Homeowners Association vs. Kasmawati Kamaruddin, Rolling Knoll Lane, $3,335.45; and Anthony J. and Shelia R. Davis, Shadow Creek Boulevard, $1,834.46.

Jordan Elder, West Peartree Court, vs. Samsung Opto-Electronics America Inc., Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, $3,350.

Dale and Cindy Doup vs. Aaliyah Lawson and Bronson James, California Street, $700 and eviction.

Sara Vance, South Wolfcreek Road, vs. Corey Jackson, no address available, $725.

Allied Collection Service vs. Kameron Hensley, Seymour, $2,198.60; Thomas C. Hibbs, Maize Drive, $1,347.34; Ryan C. Hood, Coovert Street, $2,403.10; LaDonna C. Knight, Kevin Drive, $2,858.78; Davina M. Knops, Union Street, $4,161.53; and Kathleen Ogle, Indiana Avenue, $2,801.58.

Hiram and Tashina Tame, West County Road 225S, vs. Jason R. and Pamela Donohoe Duncan, Washington Street, $1,000.

Small Claims filed

Exit 76 Antique Mall, Edinburgh, vs. Rick Cheek, Edinburgh, $560.71.Shadow Creek Homeowners Association vs. Blaine N. Bornell, Middle View Drive, $1,009.70; Elizabeth J. Johnson, Lakestream Drive, $813.42; Nathalie A. Stanley, Lakestream Drive, $776.36; Chen Yu and Yujoa Kou, Lakestream Drive, $997.16; Rebecca S. Wagner, Creekstone Drive, $989.31; Brian M. Peek, Rolling Knoll Lane, $966.53; Matthew Wade and Gwen Marie Bond, Rolling Hill Court, $5,188.23; and Leslie Merrill, Lakestream Drive, $815.06.

Charleston Square Apartments vs. Reggie K. Booker and Jennifer A. Nichols, Charleston Place, $444.

Housing Partnerships Inc. vs. Nicole Woodard, Kevin Drive, $960.

Marquita Howe, Seventh Street, vs. Joshua and Charity Taylor Stam, Chestnut Street, complaint for damages and eviction.

Janice Bass, State Street, vs. Anthony Sherman, Beam Road, $1,590 and eviction.

Bloomfield Apartments vs. Anessia R. Anderson, Sims Court, $1,905 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Eric D. Brashears, Union Street, $5,990.24; Jamie D. Brown, Greensburg, $3,643.42; Mandy L. Brown, Fall Valley Drive, $3,762.71; Toby R. Burton, 13th Street, $4,994.34; Jennifer Calloway, North Talley Road, $1,303.65; Patricia A. Coleman, Lafayette Avenue, $4,448.47; Craig N. Cox, West County Road 50N, $2,264.20; and Russell E. England, Parkway Drive, $2,256.22.

Allied Collection Service vs. William M. Hardin, South Sprague Road, $907.09; Melissa L. Harvey, Whitestown, $1,319.21; Randy Willard, Edinburgh, $1,761.46; Gregory L. Armuth, West County Road 500N, $1,283.79; Ronald D. Ballard, Fall Valley Drive, $3,411.98; Aaron N. Burton, Clifty Drive, $1,606.18; and Melissa R. Henry, Shelbyville, $5,529.23.

Dissolutions of Marriage

FiledAshley Natole, Shadow Bend Drive, vs. Anthony Natole, Pinebrook Court, married March 17, 2013, separated Nov. 11, 2016.Kathryn M. Springhorn, Carolina Street, vs. Jeffrey A. Springhorn, Bartholomew County, married July 30, 1994, separated Dec. 19, 2015.

Timothy E. Hammack, Cottage Avenue, vs. Trina F. Hammack, Indianapolis, married Oct. 13, 1997, separated Oct. 23, 2016.

Benigna Rodriguez Adorno, Bartholomew County, vs. Jose Juan Jimenez Ramirez, Bartholomew County, married May 29, 2001, separated 2007, three children.

Holly Oak, Columbus, vs. James Oak, Columbus, married March 5, 2005, separated Dec. 19, 2016, two children.

Langston Burghardt Coffey Scott, Bartholomew County, vs. Mariam Nakyobe, Columbus, married Dec. 31, 2015, separated Oct. 31, 2016.

Melissa Marie Snovelle, Jonesville, vs. Johnny Lee Snovelle, Jonesville, married Dec. 10, 2004, separated June 1, 2016.

Lisa A. Bennett, Breckenridge Drive, vs. Dustin Tony Bennett, Wallace Avenue, separated June 4, 2016.

Terry Bewley, Columbus, vs. Michael Bewley, Columbus married Aug. 10, 1985, no separation date available.

Cande Lee Michelle Elkins, Ruddick Avenue, vs. Gregory Otis Elkins, Bartholomew County, married Nov. 7, 2012, separated Sept. 1, 2016.