Addition of pharmacy good sign for Hope

Hope has been working hard to invest in and improve areas of the town. News that a pharmacy will be coming to the community soon is another great sign of progress.

Town officials and concerned residents have looked for ways to add amenities that can improve the lives of residents. Nearly six years ago, Hope Family Health Center opened a new, larger medical facility to meet the growing needs of the town, and provide care close to home. Adding a pharmacy builds on that by enhancing services to ensure that people’s medical needs are met.

That last pharmacy in town closed a couple of decades ago.

Hope Wellness Pharmacy will be located in the Simpson building at 645 Harrison St., in space occupied until Dec. 31 by a satellite tourism office of the Columbus Area Visitors Center. That’s a convenient location and a good reuse of space.

Residents who would otherwise have to drive to Columbus or other communities with pharmacies can conduct business with a more convenience location. The Hope pharmacy will offer customers an automatic refill program, and packaging that already has medication separated for the correct dosage.

The pharmacy also is looking into a partnership with WindRose Health Network, which operates Hope Family Health Center. That would aid in creating seamless health care for patients.

Adding a pharmacy is a feather in the town’s cap and can be viewed as a point of progress to promote to those who might be considering Hope as a place to do business.

The pharmacy is a notable addition for Hope and a sign of optimism that more positive additions are still to come.

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