Around Town – January 20

Orchids to …

• Columbus Regional Hospital staff for making me well as I thank God for them.

• White River Dental for a great dental experience.

• Andrew and Parker at KFC for the wonderful customer service and great food, from an evening customer.

• Voelz body shop for the great job on the town car, from Barb.

• Matt and Tabitha Tallent for doing such a good job with the Lexus, from Dale Crabtree.

• The Republic for their wonderful article in the sports section about my son David Peach, from Margie Peach.

Onions to …

• certain train operators who still don’t understand the correct use of train horns.

• The Republic for not having punctual delivery people.

• people who are poorly informed about Obamacare.

• the company that took three months to deliver and install doors after we were told it would take two weeks.

• a big box store that took more than three months to install something that has been paid for since October.

• the person who stood at an elementary school basketball game during the national anthem with his hands in his pockets.

• those who teach our kids not to bully but practice bullying themselves.

Happy Birthday to …

• Beth Gifford, from your Oregon family.

• Ty Uphaus, on No. 13, from Grandma and Grandpa Zapfe.

• Tom Lynch, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Ann O’Neill, from your family, Casey and Donna.

• Melissa Barringer, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• Beth Gifford, from Dad and Judy.

• Mindee Pike, from Grandma Janet.

• Becky Bevis, from Grandma Jean.

• Justin Ebert, from Aunt Jean.

• Audryanna Ray, from Mamaw, Papaw, Mommy, Daddy, Brantley, Grandma and Grandpa Poynter, Sandra, Kevin, Cierra, Tyler, Skylar, Dave, Megan, Nick, Luke, Madison, Brayden, the Lowell Baptist Church and the Ray and Marsee families.

• Janet Thompson, from Ceil and Bob Smith.

• Charlie Tyree, from Grandma Peggy.

• Lain Compton.

• Kira Smith.

• Aubrey Ferguson.

• Heather Ellison.

• Sarah Dozell.

• Jim Pence, from Braiden, Charlie, Dylan, Adyn, Ava and Laney.

• Jacob McFarland, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Clint Burney.

• Jennifer Hart.

• Karl L. Heilman.

• Madison Wood.

• Evan Shaw.

Happy belated Birthday to …

• Ann Boston, from friends at the Moravian Church.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Joyce and Mike Henderson, on No. 49, from Carolyn, Steve, Sharon and Linda.