Letter: Stop building those unsafe roundabouts

From: Wilford Lutes


As the Indiana Legislature has now gone back in session, some members want to raise the gas tax as much as 10 cents per gallon. Before raising the gas tax that much, those in charge of building and repairing our roads should try to use the money more effectively.

One of the first things they should consider is quit building roundabouts. Four stop signs and rumble strips, along with maybe a warning sign farther back from each direction would save tens of thousands of dollars and be a lot safer.

There is one just north of downtown Columbus that has an accident report in the paper about once a month. On this one the traffic coming north and going east does not go through the roundabout and the traffic coming from the north and continuing south does not go through the roundabout. I personally avoid roundabouts when at all possible, but it is getting more difficult to do so.

So, state officials should try using our tax dollars more efficiently.