Around Town – January 22

Jan. 22

Orchids to

• Robert Jordan for his letter regarding Obama.

• IUPUC’s Marsha VanNahmen, Student Ambassadors and Mikala for hosting a wonderful JAG event.

• the Columbus North marching band for representing Columbus in the inaugural parade.

• the person who found my phone at the library Monday evening and left it at the desk.

• Tina Hire Waltz for the best cupcakes, banana pudding and peanut butter chocolate, from Frieda.

• those involved in the women’s marches in the state and nation.

Happy Birthday to

• Emily Nelson, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Alivia Kellems, from your family.

• Brenda Oden, from your family, friends, co-workers, Debbie and Donna.

• Olland Fivecoat on No. 87, from Janette and the family.

• Sue Gudates, from your coworkers at Centra Mortgage Center.

• Alan Ashbrook.

• Abby Titus.

• Lindsey Carr.

• Karissa Bevis, from Grandma Kean.

• Jill Skinner, from Russ, Shana, Shelby, Shane, Judy, Buttercup, Bella and Benji.

• Darlene McIlwain, from your friend Paulette Baker.

• Rolland Fivecoat, from Catherine and Marty.

Happy Birthday to …

• Amy Davis Bethel, from Elsie.