Columbus Christian School – 2nd Quarter Honor Roll

Columbus Christian School

Second Quarter Honor Roll

All-A High Honor roll

Fourth Grade: Hadassah Hurt, Addie Hittle, Maddie Stanton and Will Gausmann.

Fifth Grade: Emily Stair.

Sixth Grade: Dylan Anderson and Layton Croslow.

Seventh Grade: Ayden Campbell.

Eighth Grade: Blake Barker, Madison Henderson, Hannah Stair and Abigail Thompson.

Ninth Grade: Emmie Felde, Lauren Hunnicutt, Grace Isley and C.J. Reed.

11th Grade: Taylor Ingram, Nate Stamper, Rachel Thompson and Emily Warren.

12th Grade: Judah Haynes, Alyssa Lackey and Kyndra Rogers.

A-B Honor Roll

Third Grade: Sam Croslow, Toby Gover, Jeralynn Handley, Lindsey Hunnicutt, Lily Miller, Ben Spears, Jared Sumerford and Ehren Wright.

Fourth Grade: Daniel Combs, Casey Jenkins and Caleb Smith.

Fifth Grade: Amelia Bailey, Sully Billhimer,Naomi Haynes, Milana Schundelmeir, Jude Thompson, Merrick White and Annalace Wright.

Sixth Grade: Lauren Barker, Madi Blair, Chris Ford, Grace Graham, Kayden Hofelich, Kayla Jones, Owen Reed, Danny Sumerford and Paige Rice.

Seventh Grade: Darren Emily, Madison Jenkins, Gavin Lustig, Mya Lindroth, Lucas Kramer and Emma White.

Eighth Grade: Jenna Hackworth, Isaac Carlson, Jackson Hurley and Mayah Schundelmier.

Ninth Grade: Joshua Jones.

10th Grade: Maddie Barkes and Tia Fathauer.

11th Grade: Aaron Almarales, Kyle Foster, Erica Gregg, Taylor Hilliard and Morgan Hunnicutt.

12th Grade: Sydney Carothers, Lain Isley, Kyle Marsh, Claire Martin, Evan Reed and Logan Roth.