Around Town – January 24

Orchids to …

• all of the participants who make Super Saturday such a special event and for the effort put forth by players, along with the sportsmanship demonstrated.

• Robert Jordan for his letter to the editor because Obama is the greatest president we have ever had.

• the wonderful support from this community, financially and spiritually, for the band and its adventures in Washington, D.C., from the very grateful parents of the Sound of North.

• Milo Smith for the personal phone call when our son and his school were accepted as participants in the Inaugural Parade.

• Sen. Joe Donnelly for the awesome inaugural parade tickets that made it possible for us to watch our son Garrett Rose and his classmates at Fishburne Military School, from Tim and Alexis.

• Greg Walker for the part you played in making it possible for our son Garrett and his school Fishburne Military School to march in the inaugural parade.

• Mayor Jim Lienhoop for making Columbus great again, from a grateful resident.

• cashier Austin at the westside Walmart Sunday afternoon for excellent customer service, including bagging the cold stuff together without being asked.

• Ricker’s for keeping a bit of nostalgia in town.

• Megan Larson for cleaning up my yard Sunday, from Mary Lou.

• members of the First Baptist Church in Hope for the wonderful dinner Saturday.

Onions to …

• Indiana residents who put their interests ahead of our country’s.

• the people who do not know how to use a roundabout.

• those who don’t realize that the president is for all the people and likely both political parties will be unhappy with him.

• Americans for putting politics ahead of the poor people of the country.

• those unable to distinguish between worship and appreciation.

• people who think I have to accept an unacceptable president.

• the public for thinking more of politics than they do in helping people.

• the city for putting the new sign on top of the one that was already there and removing the championships that were part of the other sign.

• anyone who thinks we should have to pay the salary of five living presidents after they are no longer in office.

• The Republic for printing the names in the obituary index so small on Saturday’s front page.

• anyone who thinks this was a fair election when the opposite candidate had three million more votes.

• all of the newest residents living on my street with loud little cars.

• the local newspaper for the week-long coverage of the new vice president.

• construction housing sites that set their portable toilets right out on the street.

• cashiers who are too lazy to assist people in putting the purchased items into the cart, especially when there are several packages.

• the lady with the oxygen and the walker who took the nicotine patches from the drugstore.

• those who think paying for their first $10,000 in medical bills is affordable.

• people who jog in the street, when there is a perfectly good sidewalk alongside them.

• people who drive with their car window down all the way and their dog hanging halfway out.

• those that don’t realize that alternative facts are the facts in an alternative reality.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sandy Smith, from your family, Shirley, Mary Beth, Bonnie, Teresa, Pat and Donna.

• Lesley Bryant and Taylor Bryant, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Marcea Folks, from the Fuel Systems team and Donna.

• Eva Bennett, from Debbie, Debra, Paislee, Austin, David and Heather.

• Lorie Birge, from Shaun, Raeanne, Raelynn and Averiee.

• Jimmy Shehan, from Mom, your brothers and family.

• Kathy Alberring, from Bob, Jeri and the rest of your family.

• Leann Lux and McKenzie Shaw, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Kaleb Carman.

• John Knue, from Linda.

• Keith Matlock, from Dolly.

• Becky Bingham, from Aunt Doll.

Happy Birthday to …

• Davey Shehan, from Mom, your brothers and family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bob and Ceil Smith, from Janet and Donald.

• Josh and Ashley McDonald, from your family.