School board rejects plan for fewer meetings

The Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. board has rejected a proposal from its superintendent to cut the meeting schedule from two meetings to one a month.

Superintendent Jim Roberts, who joined the district in July, said his recommendation to cut back to one meeting a month was based on experiences at school districts where he has worked and follows what other districts are doing.

The board chose to continue with its two-meeting-per-month schedule in a 4-1 vote, however. Jeff Caldwell was the lone individual who voted Monday against the proposal. Jill Shedd and Robert Abrams were absent.

Roberts said his recommendation was meant to provide more efficiency from an operational standpoint, adding that he thought the district could accomplish all of its objectives in one meeting.

Kathy Dayhoff-Dwyer, a board member since 2008, said having two meetings a month allows students to attend for class credit and gives the public more opportunities to talk about issues they think are important.

No other board members commented on the proposal, including school board president Rich Stenner.

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