Court news – January 28

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small claims filed

Allied Collection Service vs. Peyton R. Kussman, South Drive, $2,511.51; Michael M. Miller, Glendale Drive, $4,329.32; Bradley D. Moore, Hawpatch Drive, $4,455.66; Joan Moore, Greensburg, $3,617.97; Courtney D. Mourey, Shady Lane, $5,677.04; and Jorge L. Munoz, Seymour, $1,184.43.Sara Vance, South Wolfcreek Road, vs. Robert and Susan Young, Chestnut Street, $1,238.20.

Roscoe Rentals, 25th Street, vs. Greg Burriss, Sycamore Street, complaint for damages and eviction.

Equity Property Management vs. Gregory Gillis and Amy McHargue, Grand Avenue, $760 and eviction; and Alyssa Williams and Jonathan Blair, Grand Avenue, $945 and eviction.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance vs. Chelsea Young, Clifford, $2,530.16.

American Rental vs. Damaris Santiago, Tyler Drive, complaint for damages.; Amber Bryant, Clifford, complaint for damages; Taylor Burns, Taylorsville, complaint for damages; Christina Greathouse, Seventh Street, complaint for damages; and Audrey Tungate, Nicholas Lane, complaint for damages.

Donald Rutherford and Diana Clark, North Dellasburg Road, vs. Lowell B. Smith and Autumn Asher, North Dellasburg Road, complaint for eviction.

Joe Kramer, Rocky Ford Road, vs. John L. and Kelly J. Stafford and Kelly Cummings, State Road 46E, $900 and eviction.

Steve and Betty Cain, vs. Christina Clark, Magnolia Drive, $2,610 and eviction.

Wedgewood Commons vs. Amanda Henderson Finney, Wedgewood Drive, complaint for eviction.

Robert W. Stark, Franklin Street, vs. Teresa Madison, Ninth Street, $3,004.72.

Brandon M. Bussel, North Boohers Court, vs. Mark Wilcox, Washington Street, $3,300.

Kay Jay Properties vs. Casey Manzalvo, Union Street, complaint for unspecified damages and eviction.

Joli Rentals vs. Elizabeth Myrid, Franklin Street, complaint for unspecified damages and eviction.

Alan W. Mullins, Shady Lane, vs. Paula Rothrock, Willa Way, complaint for unspecified damages and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Donnie Carlock, Dupont, $1,317.24; and Delana Dold, Lee Court, $3,143.63.

Dissolutions of marriage filed

Justin P. McCracken, 22nd Street, vs. Yolanda M. McCracken, Waldron, married March 29, 2003, separated March 1, 2016, one child.Larry Raymond Skinner Jr., Jewell Street, vs. Heather Ann Skinner, Chestnut Street, married Jan. 21, 2006, separated Dec. 27, 2016, four children.