Letter: Many kids desperately need court advocates

From: Chuck Grimes


The past three years of my working life have been filled with the unexpected. Volunteering at Advocates for Children as a court appointed special advocate (CASA) has allowed me the opportunity to continue to support many young children who reside in our community with someone other than their parents.

The number of children who currently are doing without this special support is increasing at a more rapid rate than is the number of those doing without the closeness of a family. How sad. In a community known for its charitable attitude, kids should not be forced to suffer from abuse and/or neglect.

Recently, a highly valued member of our staff, who trains folks who want to lend a hand and a heart to this cause, made it known that the start of his February class was being postponed because of small enrollment. Sixty-nine kids are currently without a volunteer, and only three adults had expressed willingness to step up and help.

CASA qualifications are pretty simple. One must possess a passion for kids. One must possess approximately four hours per week that could be devoted to that passion.

It is my belief that the light at the end of the tunnel in Columbus should continue to shine for all of our kids. Surely in this great community there is at least one adult who meets the criteria for every child who is abused and neglected.

Step up and help the kids. Call Advocates for Children at 812-372-2808 for details.